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Catherine Bianca


Hi everyone, welcome to my website! Here are some links of certain products that I absolutely love and have been using for a long time. As many of you know, I only share or promote products that I've used for 3 to 6 months at a minimum. Many of these products I've used for years! Additionally, the supplements in my Amazon store are sold directly from the company to avoid the purchasing of counterfeit products which is unfortunately very common when shopping on Amazon.  As an Amazon Associate I earn a very small percentage of each sale from qualifying purchases at no extra cost to you. Your support of using the links provided are greatly appreciated for me to continue to provide education and content that will help empower you to reach your health goals. Thank you! 🤗💕

Buy your supplements from my Fullscript Dispensary & save 15% off your full order every time.

Whole Scripts Dispensary. Referral code: Catherine

My Amazon Store

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"9 Tips to Food Prep and Healthy Kitchen Basics."

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BEST natural veggie rinse! 

veggie rinse.png

Colon Cleansing Support 
on Fullscript

Better Sleep

Metagenics Magnesium Bisglycinate

Life Extension Magnesium Threonate: NeuroMag
Fullscript gives you 15% off

Dr. Mercola's Melatonin Spray Fullscript gives you 15% off

Bone broth recipe


SAVE 15% with code: Catherine15

No-mess Castor oil packs from Queen of Thrones for better sleep and detox.
SAVE 10% with code: Catherine10

Detox Tools

5% off Near & Far infrared Sauna from Sauna Space with code: Catherine

No-mess Castor oil packs from Queen of Thrones for better sleep and detox.SAVE 10% with code: Catherine10

Earthworks Health food grade Diatomaceous Earth

Pure Body Extra: Nano zeolite spray from Touchstone Essentials (made from real clinoptinolite

B Supreme by Designs For Health 


Xymogen's Methyl Protect B12 & Folate Booster for 15% off from Whole Scripts. Referral code: Catherine

Sacred Clay by Vitality Herbs & Clay (Favorite Clay!)


Sun Potion Chlorella
(My favorite!)


Bellicon: My favorite rebounder


Favorite Protein Powder

BeWell by Kelly Leveque
Chemical free extraction, collagen rich protein powder 
Chocolate is my favorite!

Nutrient Dense Supplements

Rosita's Cod Liver Oil


Ancestral Supplements Code: Tribe10

Allergy Research Group 
Glandular line

Perfect Supplements
10% off with code: Catherine10

Full fat colostrum by Crucial Four (My favorite!)

Systemic & Digestive Enzymes

Allergy Research Group Pancreas gland: proteolytic enzymes Fullscript gives 15% off

Amvilab proteolytic enzymes


Enzymedica Lypogold Fullscript gives 15% off


Favorite Vitamin C

LivOn Labs USA


LivOn Labs UK


Clean & Yummy Beef Snacks

Carnivore Crisps
Code: Catherine10
My favorite is Eye of Round


Musculoskeletal Support

MPS Therapy Dolphin Neurostim

Must See!

Terrain the Film Part 1


Terrain the Film Part 2




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