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"Let thy food be thy medicine, and let medicine be they food."


       Welcome to Balanced Nutrition And Detox! This is where I teach my clients how to eat balanced nutrient-dense foods that will rebuild them from the inside out. 90%+ of all diseases are linked to nutrient deficiencies, toxicity, and spinal or structural misalignments. If you're suffering from the following ailments mentioned then it's important to address the root cause of these disorders to fully overcome them.

       The body was created by God to heal itself and to thrive naturally when given the proper food, tools, and environment. Due to the immense amount of toxicity in our world, food, products, lifestyle, and personal choices, we MUST incorporate gentle detoxifying practices to support our organs and glands to fully heal and thrive. The reason why I called my company Balanced Nutrition And Detox is because now more than ever before, we need to focus on eating bioavailable enzyme-rich, nutrient-dense foods along with incorporating detoxifying tools as a way of life so that we don't develop a dis-ease at some point in our lives. 


  • Structural pain 

  • Scar tissues pain

  • Weight loss 

  • Weight gain

  • IBS

  • Crohn's

  • SIBO

  • Leaky gut

  • Inflammation

  • Hair loss

  • Cysts, polyps, tumors, fibroids

  • Low stomach acid

  • Adrenal fatigue

  • Eczema

  • Heart burn

  • Rough, dry skin

  • Gall bladder stones or sludge

  • Detox liver

  • Pancreatitis 

  • Cellulite​

  • Adverse reaction to COVID-19 injection

  • Transmission or shedding reactions from COVID-19 injection

  • Sleep support

  • General detox support

  • Nutritional deficiencies

  • ADD or ADHD

  • MTHFR deficiency

  • Bipolar

  • Alzheimers

  • Parkinsons

  • Autism

  • Guidance on diet & exercise

  • Bloating/gas

  • Acne prone skin

  • Gently detox from parasites

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Offering Guidance and Support for the Following Conditions and Ailments:


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Service List

~A 15 minute call to ask questions....$25 USD
1st Session is 90 minutes..... $170 USD
~Follow Up Sessions are 30 minutes..... $60 USD
~Add-on of 15 minutes......$25 USD

~The onboarding process works by filling out the form below where I email you a health history form and liability waiver to sign.  Once I've reviewed your heath history, concerns and challenges, I determine whether we would be a good fit to work together. I only work with men, women, and children that I'm confident in helping as I want you to receive the best possible guidance and care possible!
Once, it's determined that we are a good fit to work together, then you will upload images of your face, tongue, eyes, and finger nails to assess on the Practice Better portal. Additionally, you will document what you eat in a food journal for seven days a week prior to your first session via the Practice Better app. After the first session, you will receive detailed notes of the session 2 days after with dietary, supplement, lifestyle, and any detox recommendations that are applicable to you for the first phase of the suggested protocol.

~Email/text support in between sessions is included. I want to see you thrive so it's important to me that all your questions are answered when embarking on your new protocol. 
~Weekly or biweekly check-ins via text are included to celebrate your progress and
make sure you're staying on track.
~Private clients in the USA get 20% off fr
om my Fullscript Dispensary. 
~Payment plans are accepted for the first session only and can be broken
into 2 separate payments.
~Credit cards, Debit cards, Zelle, and PayPal are all acceptable forms of payment.
~A $75 USD deposit is needed to make the 1st appointment.
~There's a 24 hour cancellation policy in place or you will forfeit the deposit.
Guidance is available in either English or Spanish.

What's Included & What to Expect?

1st Timer or Follow up?

Choose one please.

Please choose the best days and times that work for you. 

Days of week that work best
Time slots that work best for you.

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"I have known Catherine Bianca for going on 10 years now.  She has become a very dear friend to me over that time.  I myself am a big believer in natural healing modalities and have been using home remedies and fasting for most of my life (I will be 50 this fall) to treat and prevent illness with great success. But Bianca is the most passionate person I have ever met when it comes to health and healing. That is what sparked our friendship because we both were very interested in health and had long conversations about healing modalities and healthful living to prevent illness in the first place.  Her knowledge base is extensive!  She is the first person I go to if I need health advice and she has always given me spot on recommendations.  In fact, she literally saved my life when I contracted Covid-19 during the first wave of the pandemic in March 2020.  It shifted into my lungs during the second week of actively fighting the illness and I thought I was going to die. Everything was on lockdown and I was quarantined in my home. Catherine Bianca, like an angel of mercy, went and got good anti inflammatory foods for me as well as supplements of vitamin c, d3 and zinc to boost my immune system and brought them to my house since I couldn’t go out. She also linked me with videos on how to do breathing techniques to improve my lung capacity and get more oxygen into my body as well as to videos on how to make an onion poultice to fight the effects in my lungs.  I credit these treatments with literally saving my life.  There was a point during my illness that I literally thought I wasn’t going to make it and using those treatment methods faithfully every day worked and brought me out the other side. I cannot thank her enough for not only her knowledge and passion, but actual help in getting treatment to me when I was unable to get to them myself.  I love her like a sister and will always be grateful to her for her help during that crisis as well as for her advice and help over the years.  I wish more people were like her in the world.  She truly is like an angel."


"Catherine Bianca has been instrumental in helping me and my daughter with some health issues in the past 3 years. She has good recommendations for methods, supplements, specialists & doctors that view the body in a holistic manner. In particular, the recommendations have been for Chiropractic, gut health, and whole-food/eliminations diet approaches to regain and restore health from the gut to the skin and in turn the whole body. I believe Bianca has good intentions and concerns in coaching health advice."

- A.D.  

General health Guidance 

"I began my journey with Catherine about 2+yrs.ago & that’s when so much of my life has changed. I learned so much from her. Her knowledge & expertise overwhelmed me. I live in Canada & I’ve been conversing with her through IG…. She has helped me & my husband with the right supplements for our bodies which has helped tremendously & guided us with certain foods to eat & to avoid again for my bodies. Her guidance is very simple but authentic at the same time. What I found to be very interesting about Catherine is that here’s a beautiful human being that I’ve never met in person, but hopefully one day soon & yet takes the time out of her busy schedule to answer any concerns I’ve had & if she isn’t sure at the time she would do some research for me & always get back to me. Her honesty, care & trustworthiness speaks volume of the type of person she is. Her strong faith & love for Jesus is something we have in common which I adore & which has made our forever friendship so special.....🙏❤️"


General Health Guidance

"Catherine has opened my eyes up to so much and on better ways to improve my health. Catherine’s explanations on what to look out for when shopping for supplements has saved me and my family so much money. One of the best supplements that we have benefited from was from NAC. My mother who has emphysema has greatly improved along with my elderly father especially during winter time. Catherine is extremely informative, caring and goes to great lengths to care for her clients. So blessed to have come across your page and thank you for everything you do. God Bless"



"Catherine was a real God sent for me , she really helped me a lot with my condition always sharing precious informations , 
She guided me on my diet ,.
Always disponible to reply to any of my questions ,
It's rare nowadays to find someone with such a knowledge.
God Bless You Catherine ❤️"


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