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 Healthy Living

Wouldn't it be great to be able to eat anything you want when you go out to restaurants or fast food joints without worrying about the quality of the food/drink being compromised?  Wouldn't it be also wonderful to be able to pick up whatever food is sold at the grocery store without fearing that it contained harmful and toxic ingredients? can only dream of such a day! 🙏

    Funny enough, this wasn't that far from reality. In fact, there was a time just like this around 70 years ago when our soils were mineral rich and devoid of such harmful pesticides like DDT and Glyphosate (Round Up). This was also a time where people shopped locally for their groceries and household items. Some of us can recall when the neighborhood milkman delivered fresh milk with cream on the top in a glass bottle right to our front door. It was also a time where we'd go to our local butcher for the freshest cuts of meats and organs. The majority of the food we ate and all the ingredients we cooked were fresh, clean, local, and without all the pesticides, insecticides, heavy metals, hormones, steroids, food coloring, MSG, GMO, fluoride, artificial colors & flavors, and all the chemicals that seems to be ubiquitous nowadays in our food, water, beauty, and household products. 


Even though the people from this time did eat quite a bit of canned and packaged foods, the ingredients in their products were wholesomely farmed and more natural than what the majority of Americans are consuming today. The families and communities benefited greatly from this natural way of living along with all the animals that were being raised and farmed in the process. 



Healthy eating is to eat wholesome nutrient dense foods that are devoid of all the above mentioned harmful ingredients.  This new way of eating and living that we have become accustom to over the years not only harms the sweet cows, chickens, pigs, and the rest of our livestock but every man, woman, and child who wants to live healthy and peaceful lives. Diseases, during this time that we were recalling together, were not as rampant as today. Cancer, gender identity confusion, mental disorders, heart disease, autoimmune disorders, autism, inflammatory diseases, and diabetes were not considered the norm back then. One can only beg to question why we, as people living 70 years later, have an increase in so many diverse ailments and diseases when we've had so many medical and technological advancements since the 1950’s. It’s these thought provoking questions that can inspire a search for the truth of this matter and for the changes necessary to get us all back on track to living healthier and more peaceful lives together.

  The different healthy living classes I've put together will help one bring back this wholesome living from times of old into the present through proper education, lifestyle changes, nutrient dense foods, and via the safe detoxification of the body. The programs will primarily focus on how one can improve their overall gastrointestinal health in order to strengthen their immune system, increase the absorption of the nutrients in their food and supplements, along with how to proper eliminate excess fecal matter from their bowels, trimming their waistline in the process. Each class can be easily catered to one's individual health goals, blood type, and lifestyle. 


 The classes I’ve set up will also allow the clients involved in them to learn how to navigate through all the toxicity that our world is suffering from now. One will learn how to combat inflammation and oxidative stress along with how to eat nutrient dense foods that will nourish them from the inside out. Additionally, one will acquire knowledge on which ingredients consumed or applied topically are actually safe or harmful. Detoxifying our bodies correctly will not seem like an obscure concept anymore and one will learn to feel empowered at how to safely and effectively do this.

There is a way to still thrive even though our society has changed drastically the last 70 years and is inundated with toxins from every angle. It requires awareness, knowledge, the right tools, and a dedicated and consistent heart. The more aware and health conscious we each become, the more the major corporations and suppliers will do their part to supply our demands for healthier, organic food choices and wholesome, clean living.  After all, they will always want our business, so let's show them what is important to us with our food choices and where we spend our money today!

     If you are interested in learning how you can live a more energized, joyful, balanced, and healthier life, book a class with me today! I am so pumped to get to know you and do anything I can to serve you on your road to experiencing a more vibrant, healthier you for not only yourself but for your families, and communities as well. 🥰

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