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Health Tips


Thanks to James Lind, a British physician, Vitamin C found in citrus fruits was discovered to help British sailors in the mid 1700's from developing scurvy and from curing those who already had developed it. 
Vitamin C also serves as an antioxidant and cofactor by helping specific enzymes in the body to do their job! It neutralizes free radicals in the body and prevents oxidative stress that is caused by those free radicals which help prevent diseases from occuring in the body.... Thank God for this absolutely wonderful water soluble vitamin! 


Vitamin C keeps iron from oxidixing in the body thus enhancing the absorption of iron in the intestines which comes in two forms: heme and nonheme. Heme iron is found in meats and is much more absorbable than nonheme iron which is found in vegetables, lentils, or grains. It is absolutely vital to include non-heated Vitamin C in a vegan meal that contains iron in order for that iron to be properly absorbed by the body. Heating Vitamin C (above 70 degrees) destroys it. 


Vitamin C helps in the production of collagen which keeps us looking youthful and allows our joints to stay healthy. It also serves in creating healthy bones and teeth along with repairing the tissues in our bodies properly when we have injuries by forming scars. It accelerate the healing of wounds!

Vitamin C contributes to healthy blood vessels and a healthy heart! Since vitamin C aids in the production of collagen in our bodies, it is said that it also contributes to maintaining healthy blood vessels that can withstand the pressure of blood moving throughout our bodies. 


Vitamin C plays pivotal roles in times of stress by serving as a cofactor to help the body to regulate our metabolic rate alongside converting tryptophan and tyrosine (these are precursors) to the neurotransmitters serotonin and norepinephrine which helps us feel GOOD and allows us to be ATTENTIVE respectively. Our bodies require MORE Vitamin C in STRESSFUL times so it can do everything it needs to do in order to keep our bodies functioning at its best.


Two reasons why we crave junk food are:
1) An overgrowth of Candida Albicans. This is a fungus that lives in our gut and is necessary for our survival however when we suffer from dysbiosis in our gut microbiome and consume too much sugar (natural or processed), it can overgrow and become systemic leading to more intense cravings for junk foods and foods that turn to sugar. (Simple or complex carbs)
2) Junk food isn't real food....It's artificial. The "food" is typically GMO, the grains are bleached and sometimes enriched (very unhealthy), and also pumped with preservatives, flavors, colors, and addictive ingredients to keep us coming back for more. We probably wouldn't even touch any of the junk food we consumed if it wasn't for the added "natural" or artificial flavors added to them. A person's health will dramatically improve if they cut out these toxic food impersonators, as I like to call them. 


Why? If the body isn't able to clear the toxins effectively then they will bioaccumulate. If there is more toxic build up then our body will require more vitamins and minerals to offset the stress it causes it. If the body doesn't receive the adequate nutrients needed to counteract that stress, then one will become malnourished as the body will not have enough nutrients necessary to keep all the vital organs healthy and free from the hazards of oxidative stress, free radicals, inflammation, heavy metals, and all chemicals that bombard us daily.

Our perception on sleep has to change in order for us to see that in order to properly detox from heavy metals, mold, meds, drugs, environmental pollution, etc., sufficient, deep restorative rest is a MUST!


According to the the Environmental Protection Agency, EPA, Methylisothiazolinone is "moderately to highly acutely toxic causing various forms of eye, skin, mouth and lung irritation. It's also considered to be a neurotoxin, which is a poisonous for the nervous system. (Neurotoxins negatively impact our brain, spinal cord, and all our nerves.)

These pesticides and preservatives are usually formulated together and can be found in our shampoos, conditioners, hair coloring products, body washes, lotions, sunscreens, mascaras, shaving creams, baby lotions, baby shampoos, hairsprays, makeup removers, liquid soaps, and detergents.

Next time, you're at Whole Foods, Sprouts, Fresh Market, or even Target shopping for household cleaning products that have a reputation for being "green" and "healthy", take a gander at their ingredients list to see if these two nasty cousins are in there.

What is an anti-nutrient? They are compounds found in all seeds, nuts, grains, legumes, vegetables, and fruit that interferes with the body's absorption of nutrients. They bind to specific vitamins and minerals and over time a person can become malnourished. Diets high in anti-nutrient rich foods that aren't properly prepared or paired with the appropriate food to offset the chelation of nutrients, can lead to nutrient deficiencies in that individual. (Nutrient deficiencies and toxins are the root causes of diseases. So it shouldn't be taken lightly.)

Each anti-nutrient has an affinity for certain vitamins and minerals. For example, oxalates bind to calcium and phytic acid binds to magnesium, calcium, iron, and zinc. Reflecting on what foods we eat on a daily basis can give us insight on what nutrient deficiencies we may be suffering from.

The best way to find out what nutrient deficiencies we have is through a vitamin and mineral panel blood test. I definitely recommend to "test and not guess" if one is consuming a diet rich in anti-nutrient rich foods. (Vegans, vegetarians, frugivores)

Unfortunately drinking water is not enough for us to stay hydrated.  This is because filtered tap water is not structured and is missing the life behind it along with the ionic minerals that can enter the cell in order to hydrate it.

Additionally, experts say we're supposed to drink half our body weight in ounces of water but unfortunately if we chug water to meet this goal, we will just send our bladders to the bathroom.

So what's the best way to stay hydrated? It's all about cellular hydration. Drinking small sips of water consistently throughout the day, consuming watery rich foods, bone broth, electrolytes, and green juice can help us get there.

I'm sure most of us have heard the importance of chewing our food in order to have healthy digestion.
Well, the importance of enzymes goes far beyond that. Without the proper production of enzymes throughout our body, we would cease to exist.

They behave as catalysts for every single metabolic reaction in each cell of our body. Therefore, since health begins in the colon, ensuring that the proper amounts of enzymes needed to break down the various kinds of macronutrients we consume is paramount for the reversal of disease, a robust immune system, and increased longevity.

Do you suffer from a gastrointestinal disorder? (A good amount of the population does.) Do you have insulin resistance? Diabetes? High cholesterol? High triglycerides?

Did you know it's all enzyme related?

For this reason:

1) We should chew our food around 30 times before swallowing.

2) Pay attention to our stool and observe whether we're having difficulty breaking down fat.

f you guessed statins, then you're right on the money!

It literally stops the body from allowing the intestines (which absorb nutrients) to stop absorbing cholesterol. 

This in turn will make one's skin more porous because the skin barrier is comprised of cholesterol, ceramides, and fatty acids. It will do the same for our intestinal barrier and blood-brain barrier which can lead to cognitive disfunction over time like dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Let's not forget the purpose of these three barriers.... They keep pathogenic bacteria, toxins, and parasites out. If there are microscopic holes in the barrier of our brain, gut, and skin, parasites or pathogenic bacteria won't have anything preventing them from entering.

Sadly, our US medical doctors are not throughly educated in detecting or testing for the various parasites that cause and contribute to the multitude of illnesses people suffer from every day.... They also have a set protocol that they follow, and checking for parasites in the brain is not one of them for people suffering from cognative disorders like dementia or Alzheimer's.

If you guessed fat, then you guessed right... Fat is king! 

Since our brains are made of cholesterol, it's important to note that the type of fat consumed is very crucial for the proper healing and restoration of these three barriers.

Cholesterol is animal fat and sterols are plant fat. Therefore, one will need to focus on consuming animal fats rich in fat soluble vitamins A, D, E, & K and not plant fats in order to restore the integrity of these barriers.

Good examples of health-giving choices are pasture-raised raw or very runny egg yolks* along with unpasteurized, raw dairy in the form of milk, cream, yogurt, kefir, and cheese. Remember to choose an animal and form of dairy that you fare well with. Many people don't digest cow dairy properly (even raw) but do very well with goat or sheep diary. 

Another awesome option is bone broth as it's very effective at healing the lining of the intestinal barrier which in turn will help heal the blood-brain barrier as well. Making it at home in a stainless steel pot or stainless steel crockpot is ideal to ensure that this healthy habit stays affordable when consuming it on a daily basis. 

*Please refrain from consuming the albumen or egg white raw as it binds to biotin in our body and will deplete us of this very important B vitamin. (B7)

If you're suffering from a sore throat or having a coughing attack, this is the tea for you!

You'll need:
Organic lemon
Organic ginger root
Organic raw honey
Stainless steel saucepan
Clean, filtered water
Ceramic, wooden, or glass spoon.

Step 1: Pour 2 cups of water in a small saucepan.
Step 2: Break off a 3 inch piece of ginger. Peel and cut it up in small pieces.
Step 3: Add slices of ginger to water and turn on stove. Bring to a boil. Reduce to low temperature so there's a gentle simmer.
Step 4: Simmer for 15-20 minutes.
Step 5: Remove from stovetop and set aside for 5 minutes.
Step 6: Strain ginger and pour in a mug. Wait until the tea is very warm before adding the fresh lemon juice and honey to avoid cooking off the vitamin C and enzymes.
Step 7: Wash lemon very well with soap before cutting it in half. (All citrus are sprayed with strong pesticides--even organic!) Squeeze 1-2 teaspoons of fresh lemon juice into mug of ginger tea.
Step 8: Sweeten with 1/2 tsp of raw honey using a non-metal spoon and enjoy warm!

Can be consumed 2-3 times a day.

These detox binders move mountains and each has their own unique properties! They're similar to each other but are not the same. Having a combination of them in our natural medicine cabinet is an absolute MUST HAVE if we want to heal from any kind of ailment and achieve true long-lasting health.

If you're concerned about heavy metals that are nano sized, parasites, pesticides, mold, EMF, RF, or any other form of toxins---these are for you! Taking them daily away from foods, vitamins, and meds is a must to detox our body from the ubiquitous toxins in our world.

It's important that we focus on consuming high amounts of antioxidant rich foods/supplements and anti-inflammatory rich foods/supplements.

( Blackseed oil and high doses of Vitamin C help a TON! )

The goal is always to detox and nourish the body properly in order to support our immune system to do it's thing.... (Removing toxic waste)

Remember that our bodies are fearfully and wonderfully made! Our thoughts are very powerful and can really shape our experience of illness.

We'd truly feel so much better if we just picked one day out of the week to renew our bodies and minds. The world keeps telling us to go-go-go and do more but if we aren't getting the proper rest and aren't spending quality time with the Lord, we're bound to fall over, feel sick, and overwhelmed. We are human at the end of the day. 

Picking one day out of the week to renew our minds, bodies, and souls can really recharge us so that we can do better and give from a place of love & patience versus a state of running on empty & short fumes.

Practicing the art of balance makes perfect. It's tough to balance it all, but striving for self care is so essential in our busy, chaotic, and toxic world. 

If we only knew how many toxins build up in our body on a daily basis, we'd make a greater effort at using cleaner ingredients for what we put in and on our bodies, and use in our household products.

We'd also be taking binders daily to ensure that we are properly supporting our body's ability to detox from all the abnormal influx of toxins that constantly bombard it at the nano level. Yes....n@no p@rticles are a new assault that people all over the world are experiencing for quite some time but sadly new toxins in this form have been ravaging God's creation more recently. So please do yourself and families a favor and get ahold of a several different binders and consume them daily.  Remember they should be taken away from food, supplements, and meds!

This amazing clay is full of minerals that has a complex mineralogy making it uniquely different to other clays including bentonite because of its broad spectrum of minerals and because it won't swell or clump up when mixed with water. Therefore, it's not as constipating as bentonite clay!. It also helps improve digestion when consumed with foods because it helps facilitate the absorption of nutrients since it contains silica based ligands.

The only source of Sacred Clay is from a clay deposit a few miles away from Crater Lake, Oregon. 

I've been using this clay internally and externally for 6 years and it has changed my life. I absolutely love this and always have it in my purse. This is what I used (before BOO) for any food poisoning, chemical assault, or bad reaction to whatever toxins would come my way. It typically arrests any adverse symptoms within 10 minutes and I always make sure I have ample amounts in my cupboard because it's so medicinal. It not only binds to harmful substances but it also is a great source of minerals when consumed regularly without it binding to the minerals in our body. (Not every clay does this!)
Even though I absolutely love BOO and use it twice a day, I still use my Sacred Clay because it has different properties. It's so effective at detoxing that I can't recommend it enough!

Have you ever heard of marine phytoplankton and its wide array of benefits?

It supports a variety of systems of the body including our brain, gut, nervous system, and cardiovascular system. It also elevates one's mood, improves eye health and supports our joints, skin, and above all cellular health! 

"Through the enrichment of our cell membrane function, through nutrients, and the pre-biotic function of marine phytoplankton are the most important contributions to our health from these microorganisms."
~Dr. Jerry Tennant, MD

This is a truly WONDERFUL way to ensure our body is getting the right minerals it requires to be optimally healthy. 

Have you ever heard of @tracemineralsresearch ConcenTrace Trace Mineral Drops? They are a wonderful way to get minerals in your diet if you don't have access to a good fulvic and humic acid like BOO and prefer to not have sodium in your diet, as is found in sole water. They have actually removed 99% of the sodium!

Trace Minerals Research sources their naturally occurring ionic trace minerals from the Great Salt Lake in Utah. One can use these mineral drops to remineralize their bodies and that of their pets as well! It's also beneficial to add to our plants, outdoor gardens, or even house plants as long as it's diluted in water.

Our bodies will naturally become healthier when we incorporate minerals in our diet. They're essential for the vitamins found in our food and supplements to work properly and to boost our overall immune system.



Most people, if not every person, suffers from parasites in one form or another. The consequences of living in this very toxic world gives them the perfect home to thrive in! Getting rid of them requires a daily conscious effort. Fulvic and humic acid makes it easy to escort them out of our bodies without turning to harsh anti-parasitic tinctures or medication that have side effects. Black Oxygen Organics's (BOO) fulvic and humic acid is gentle, super effective, and safe for the whole family!

The wonders and benefits of shilajit are very similar to fulvic and humic acid. It actually contains both naturally. Shilajit is a tar-like substance that traditionally comes from the breakdown of plant matter and rocks of the Himalayan mountains that have decomposed via microorganisms over centuries.

The benefits one reaps are manifold! It helps to detoxify the body of heavy metals which is so important nowadays and contributes to healthier skin, hair, nails, brain, and various other organs.

This honestly is an amazing supplement to incorporate into one's natural medicine cabinet as it is touted for helping people in multiple ways to heal and become healthier individuals in this very toxic world.

Personally, if I didn't have access to BOO's fulvic and humic acid, I'd use a good shilajit product and take that daily instead.

Please remember to research the manufacturer and inquire on their extraction process. Do they use heat? Chemicals? Is their product free of heavy metals and contaminants? ... All are very important questions before purchasing this product.

From all the minerals available right now, Black Oxygen Organic's fulvic and humic acid is by far my absolute favorite because of the profound results I've seen in my own life and in the lives of everyone who has tried it thus far.

A fun fact: BOO helps fight oxidative stress on an enormous level! One drop of BOO's fulvic and humic acid has 14 tera-trillion electrons (14,000,000,000,000,000,000,000) that can be donated to offset the damage caused by free radicals which is pretty incredible.

There are so many testimonials of people's grey hair returning back to their natural color again because of this exact reason. 

This is a wonderful source of minerals that we can incorporate into our weekly routine as it contains 92 of the 102 vitamins and minerals that the human body requires for good health such as magnesium, potassium, iodine, zinc, copper, phosphorous, and more!

One can prepare it from its' raw state or can purchase it already made. It has a gel-like consistency that one can add to water. Additionally, it comes in a powdered form or in capsules. Please make sure to buy it from a company that tests for heavy metals and contaminants.

It's a really healthy and refreshing beverage that we can enjoy a few times a week to ensure that we're getting enough minerals in our diet. ( Remember our soils are sorely depleted of minerals so we have to make sure we're ingesting them on a regular basis.)

It's not advised to consume it daily because of the high iodine content which can disrupt normal thyroid function.

Did you know that the grand majority of people suffer from malnourishment?

This means that they are lacking in very important vitamins and minerals needed to not only to maintain a healthy body and mind, but also to combat aging, disease, and the toxicity all around us in our modern world.

Sadly, since the majority of the earth's soils are mineral deficient, we have to prioritize the supplementation of minerals. It's actually vitally important for good health...

We need minerals for EVERYTHING! Minerals help make enzymes and hormones which are responsible for thousands of metabolic functions in our body. They're also needed to maintain healthy eyes, brain, skin, hair, organs, joints, ligaments, bones, and muscles.

These are ALL excellent ways to add minerals to our diet. Some may have greater detoxifying effects than others (FA/HA & shilajit) so consuming a variety of them in our diet will allow us to experience a more well rounded array of benefits.

This is a really great way to incorporate minerals in our diet and reap the very much needed benefits they offer. There are so many people who are raving about the benefits they've noticed from adding minerals to their diet in the form of sole water.

1) Pour a 1/4 amount of Himalayan salt in a mason jar.
2) Fill the jar with filtered water up to it's neck. (at least 1 inch from the top) and close it.
3) Shake the jar well and let it sit overnight for at least 12 to 24 hours in room temperature.
4) If you find there's still salt the following day, then the water is saturated and ready to use. If all the salt has dissolved, add a bit more salt, shake and wait another day until some salt remains at the bottom of the jar.

*Please remember to not use any metal when handling the sole water as the high mineral content can corrode and oxidize metal utensils.

How to use:
Add 1 tsp of the sole water to 8-10 ounces of water and consume in the morning on an empty stomach or throughout the day. Whatever you're most comfortable with!


Did you know that minerals are 100% necessary for a healthy body & mind? They are considered essential for life and are constituents of our bones, teeth, muscle, blood, and all our tissues.

They come from organic and inorganic sources. Organic minerals are found only in plants and animals and are more bioavailable than inorganic minerals even though they have a similar chemistry.

It's important to know that plants (not humans or animals) are designed to convert inorganic minerals to organic minerals in order for us to reap their benefits. This is why eating "fortified" or "enriched" foods is NO BUENO! The iron being fortified is elemental iron--rock solid and is very different than the heme or non-heme iron found in animals and plants.

Please AVOID all fortified food and drinks! They can cause harm in the long term because we're basically consuming rocks which will bioaccumulate in our blood vessels, arteries, joints, and tissues.

Additionally, this is why cooking our food in cast iron pans is NOT healthy! The elemental iron leaches in our food and will cause VARIOUS health issues...Not to mention, one will become extra sensitive to EMF and RF as iron is manipulated by these frequencies. Using glass or stainless steel cookware are the healthiest choices when cooking our food. 
(Always avoid aluminum)

One of the biggest differences I've noticed fron Black Oxygen Organics's fulvic and humic acid verses other brands is that it comes from living organic matter. 

This seems to make all the difference because it's much more absorbable by the body. When taking supplements of any form, the most important thing to look for, aside purity, is absorbability.
Most FA/HA comes from rock or shale which limits our body's ability to properly utilize those nutrients.

I get blown away by the testimonials of BOO and get so excited when someone tries it for the first time. If, for whatever reason, you don't have access to BOO, I highly encourage you to find a fulvic and humic acid that does just as good of a job as they do. A FA/HA that comes from plants and not from rock which is also free of all contaminants.

With the insane amount of toxins in our world right now, it's absolutely vital that we include this in our daily supplements to remineralize and detoxify the body.

Did you know that for every cup of coffee, we need to drink two cups of water to prevent dehydration?

Rule of thumb: we are supposed to drink half our body weight in ounces to stay hydrated and assist the body in flushing out toxins.

Consuming certain drinks, foods, medications, engaging in certain physical activities, or even experience the blessing of being pregnant will all be additional reasons to add more water to our daily intake.

Consuming watery rich foods will also help our bodies stay hydrated! Adding lemon or cucumber juice to our water will liven up the water and make it more easily absorbed.

Remember to drink small amounts of H2O throughout the day so that our cells could better absorb the amount we drink. Chugging water will only send us to the bathroom, overload our kidneys, and not allow our body to properly absorb the amount of water it needs to be hydrated.

Mercury is a neurotoxin for all living creatures-not just humans. It harms our coral reefs, our zooplankton--everything!
When we eat animals or plants ( yes, plants can have mercury too, depending on the soils where they're grown, if it's organic, etc.) that have heavy metals, we too, will suffer with them as heavy metals are very difficult to detoxify from. They create absolute havoc in our bodies, minds, organs, and glands.

Pregnant women and children are advised not to have a lot of fish because the mercury content could sorely affect the unborn child and growing children who already have the heavy burden of dealing with 72 injections for immunizat***. (already riddled with heavy metals like aluminum. Our bodies are not machines and unfortunately allopathic medicine is taught and trained to to overlook this as a cause of various diseases/illnesses that children and adults suffer from.

Personally, I made the decision to not eat fish anymore 5 years ago as it wasn't worth the risk. Neurotoxins are a far worse offender than the toxins that could be found in land animals. If grassfed isn't an option, one would expose themselves to antibiotics, hormones, and steroids---all of which are very harmful but not as harmful as the way in which neurotoxins interfere with our brain & spinal cord.. All can be detoxed much easier than mercury as well.

Heavy metals attract PARASITES and LOADS of inflammation. Friends, avoid it like the plague... You're future self and loved ones will thank you for it. 

Incorporating healthy fats in our meals along with our supplements will allow us to absorb fat soluble vitamins A, D, E & K a lot better! 

What is the point of consuming supplements if we're not absorbing them properly? Absorption is everything!
Consuming fats found in raw dairy, pasture raised eggs, grass-fed meats, wild fish, free range chickens, avocados, olive oil, and coconut oil will make a big difference in our health.

Remember fat is our friend. It not only allows one to properly absorb nutrients but also helps bind to oxalates found in plants, nuts, grains, and legumes. Oxalates, or oxalic acid, interferes with the absorption of calcium so consuming oxalate rich foods with animal fat in the form of cheese, yogurt, cream, milk, etc. (Calcium rich) will bind to oxalates, limiting our body's absorption of them.

Gosh, it's not easy to refrain from worrying when we're seeing the chaos of the world all around us.

Balance is key though. Creating boundaries for ourselves and replacing bad habits with healthier habits can bring that balance into our lives.

It's important to know what's going on in this world so that we know how to move forward for ourselves, our loved ones, and our community. However, when we already have a full plate infront of us, it makes it harder to keep our inner peace and refrain from having anxiety when we're getting the latest daily update. Our minds and souls have to be ready to receive this information with grace and trust in the Lord. 

Setting up these 7 healthy habits will allow us to have more balance in our lives to keep us from experiencing fear, anxiety, and worry.


Many of us drink filtered water whether it be reverse osmosis, spring water, or distilled water because drinking clean, purified water devoid of contaminants is important to us. Unfortunately for whatever reason, we overlook using a shower filter.

A shower filter is just as important, if not more important, for our health than drinking clean water for the reasons mentioned and more!

You're going to feel the difference in your skin, hair, and the way you feel when you switch over to showering and bathing in clean, filtered water. 

Thankfully, shower filters aren't expensive and can be bought either online or at our local hardware store like @homedepot They come in a variety of styles and colors.

PLEASE, do yourself, family, and pets a favor and invest in a shower filter! It's so important for us to change the things we actually have control over to improve our health during these unprecedented times.

FYI, if you can afford to buy a whole house water filter, that would be ideal. 

Dandelion roots function as anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antifungal, cholagogue, choleretic, deobstruent, discutient, hepatic, hypnotic, purgative, and sedative.

The tea can be of the leaves or a combination of both leaves & root. ( Recommended!) Please make sure to purchase this tea organic. The tea comes in a roasted or unroasted version. The roasted provides a more robust and bold flavor (similar to coffee) whereas the unroasted is more mild in taste. Personally, my preference is the unroasted because its not cooked and tastes more like tea than coffee.

Please keep in mind that this is a diuretic! It's very important to drink an additional two cups of water for every one cup of dandelion tea to avoid dehydration.

Vitamin D3 is a hormone that many of us are very deficient in. When taking vitamin D3 (especially when taking high doses of this very important hormone), it's extremely important to supplement with K2 as well. Please don't rely on just your food intake for this vitamin because it's not worth the risk if you're not consuming adequate amounts! (Most people are deficient.)

One of Vitamin K2's functions is to direct calcium to different areas of the body, such as our bones and teeth. Additionally it keeps calcium from being absorbed from areas that it's not supposed to be in like our soft tissues and arteries. If we are taking vitamin D3, we increase the body's demand of K2 so it's very important to take them both together! They work synergistically to strengthen our skeletal system and cardiovascular system.

Taking vitamin K2 with D3 helps avoids heart attacks and strokes that could be caused by excessive amounts of vitamin D3 without K2. How much K2 should one consume?
Dr. Rheame-Bleu ND and author of "Vitamin K2 and the Calcium Paradox: How a Little-Known Vitamin Could Save Your Life," recommends to take 100-200 micrograms of K2 for every 1,000 IUs of Vitamin D3. There is NO known level of toxicity for K2. 

Choose MK-7 (Menaquinone-7) which has been identified as the most effective cofactor of K2 available. Its absorbed better and lasts longer in the body than MK-4.

When we avoid toxic chemicals in our beauty products, household products, water, food, air, and our environment, then we'll have less decaying cells for these microbes to clean up.

Yes, bacteria, fungi, and v1ruses are the bodies janitor's not their enemies...They come and eat the cells that have been negatively affected by the poisons we've subjected our bodies to. We need to support our immune system via bioavailable nutrient dense foods, sunlight, immune boosting supplements like Vitamin C, sunshine, fresh air, filtered water and, good quality sleep in order to support the body to clear this waste out. Pumping the body with drugs that have numerous side effects and will NOT boost the immune system, will only make things worse for our health down the line.

It's important to remember that we have 10 times more bacterial cells than human cells and 100 times more bacterial genes than human genes.

Decaying matter due to the toxicity of our modern world and lifestyle will promote pathogenic bacteria in our gut microbiome.

If we change our terrain, then the pathogenic bacteria, fungi, v1ruses, and parasites won't be able to survive inside us... 

Let this knowledge empower us to make bold steps towards becoming healthier today. 

This is for everyone who's recently purchased BOO! This is a great guide on how to use it. You WILL BE blown away by what comes out of you when you try this out. The results have been super incredible! I'm SOO excited for all of you that will be trying it. 

Please make sure to use filtered water when using this. Do not use tap water because the chlorine will interfere with its effectiveness. However, when taking a bath with tap water (if you don't have a whole house water filter) add ascorbic acid powder to the bath to neutralize the chlorine. Please reach out it me if you have any questions or concerns!

BOO, Black Oxygen Organics, is a fulvic and humic acid company that sources it's FA/HA from organic matter ( peet bog) instead of a rock. It's organic, third party tested, and only has one ingredient. It remineralizes and detoxifies us of various different kinds of chemicals, heavy metals, parasites, and strange fibers that are unidentified. It also increases oxygen uptake up to 45% into the cell. It holds 60 times its weight in nutrients and brings it into our cells. AND it holds 60 times its weight in toxins and brings it out of our cells.

Have you ever heard of sulfuraphane? This is a potent sulfur containing organic compound found in cruciferous vegetables but it is especially high in broccoli sprouts. ( They have up to 100 times more glucoraphanin, a precursor to sulforaphane, than in mature broccoli.)

The health benefits of sulforaphane are astounding! Aside everything listed above, it helps reduce LDL cholesterol, improves diabetes related symptoms in type 2 diabetics. Additionally, it also helps reduce neuroinflammation and neurogenerative diseases along with improving cognitive performance and improving memory!

It also increases the production of enzymes that degrade DHT which cause androgenic baldness!

Helps reduce dysfunction in the blood vessels in preeclampsia.

A superfood for the developing baby in pregnant women as it protects the mitochondria, DNA, nervous system, eyes, digestive system, and brain of the developing unborn baby.


When growing your own sprouts, please make sure you use organic seeds. Rinse them well, and make sure the temperature of the room your sprouts are growing in isn't warm to prevent a final product that has fungus growing on it. 

Since our soils are so depleted of life giving minerals, the FAO/WHO decided to combat this real epidemic by enriching and fortifying many of the foods and beverages we eat and drink today.

Is it healthy though? Is this process free of chemicals? As you've read above, they're not. There are a variety of YouTube videos you can see of the type of iron being added to the food we give ourselves and our children. Iron particles that are visibly sticking to a neodymium magnet should NOT be in our food let alone consumed by any living being.

Why isn't the WHO/FAO doing everything possible to enrich our soils which has caused a world--wide pandemic of malnourished people who suffer from manifold diseases and are hooked on prescription drugs? (Ever increasing in each passing year.) ...That is the million dollar question!

Avoiding the extra processing that fortified and enriched foods undergo is the better option when shopping at the grocery store. Chlorine and benzoyl peroxide are toxic to the body's gut microbiome and microflora.

These are some essential tools that can help support our bodies to bring healing to the abnormal symptoms so many of us are experiencing. There is nothing like BOO! This particular FA/HA comes in a powder form which makes it extremely versatile to use. It's so affordable compared to other leading brands. A tiny pinch goes a long way! This bag should last for several months. An incredible remedy for the whole family-children and pets included!

@livonlabs (USA) @altrient_official (UK & Europe) Lyposomal Vitamin C is a class of its own when it comes to Vitamin C supplementation. It's efficacy is through the roof and it will help support all of our connective tissues including repairing the lining of our vascular system which is most affected by the s.p.. Think of Vitamin C on steroids but it's actually good for us.

Caution: If one is on blood thinning medication, please consult your NP or alternative medicine trained MD for guidance to see if natural blood thinning foods/supplements are okay for you. Lastly, including NAC or glutathione in our diet can really help our bodies detox toxins. Keeping up with these supplements along with glutathione rich foods can help our livers detox the junk we may be carrying. Please check my other posts for more detailed information regarding each of these wonderful supplements that can truly help our families and ourselves get the relief many are looking for. It's made the biggest positive difference in my own health and in thousands of people all over the world. I really believe it'll help you too with God's grace.

The best "vitamin" D we can get is from the sun. There is a four-step process of conversion the moment our skin is exposed to UVB rays. It's synthesized in the skin and then metabolized in the liver and kidney before the hormone reaches our cells to perform its intended function.It's recommended to not shower one's body with soap and water after exposing it to a good amount of sunlight so that the synthesis taking place in the skin is not washed away. Rinsing the body with water is fine. ( Applying sunblock will BLOCK this hormone from being produced in our skin) If one has fair skin, then they won't need to have too much sun exposer to produce this hormone. The more melanin in one's skin, the longer time is needed to get enough UVB rays to synthesize it in our skin.Vitamin D3, cholecalciferol, is a fat soluble vitamin so if one is unable to get enough sun then it's super important to supplement with D3. Please remember to take the recommended dosage of K2 with D3 as too much vitamin D3 can take calcium out of the bones and into the heart. (Calcification of the arteries is never a good thing!)

Most people unfortunately are deficient in D3 so remember
1,000-2,000 mg a day is not a lot. It would take forever to get to raise one's D3 levels if we're taking that dosage. Being deficient in this fat soluble vitamin (hormone) is truly flirting with disaster. The best approach is to get our levels checked and go from there. @lifeextension offers different blood tests that don't require a doctor's note. Lastly, one can also eat certain foods that have D3 like egg yolks and cod liver oil. (Certain animal foods contain D3 and certain plants provide D2.)


Wow! A huge amount of the population of the US is walking around overfed and undernourished. (Based on Dietary Reference Intakes, DRI)

When we are deficient in key vitamins and minerals, then not only are we malnourished, but we become vulnerable to acquiring different diseases. It's like building a home without windows or doors. Someone or something is bound to get inside our house because we are missing the necessary pieces to keep it protected from invaders of all kinds.

Additionally, sometimes we may think we've "caught" something when in fact, we have loads of toxicity and are malnourished. Our bodies will have a hard time keeping up to detoxify us from all the poisons if we are undernourished.

Did you know that being deficient in key vitamins and minerals keeps us from thriving? This is why it's so important to focus on foods that are nutrient-dense. Growing children will not be able to develop optimally if they are not consuming enough of the right vitamins and minerals.


What good is an army if they are weak and starving? Probiotics are the good bacteria that act as our night watchman, guarding the castle of our health that is found in our gut. They also work to assist our digestive tract to absorb the nutrients that we eat-- which will nourish and support every bodily system!

The food that they eat is called prebiotics and can be found in certain fiber rich foods that are insoluble. Additionally, I really love recommending @gardenoflife's unflavored prebiotic powder because of how clean it's ingredients are and how effective it works to feed the beneficial bacteria in our gut. It truly elevates our immune system and overall health.

If you want to take your health to the next level, I highly encourage you to give this prebiotic powder a try and eat more prebiotic rich foods. It's truly a game changer! 

Ooo! Parsley is such an amazing herb to include in our weekly diets. It's so healthy and unfortunately most Americans don't eat enough of this immune boosting green!.

Parsley tea is a wonderful way to help regulate our menstrual cycle and increase menstrual flow if our monthly menstruation is running behind schedule. It works like a charm! Remember to have some if you happen to be experiencing changes in your menstruation.

There are multiple ways to include parsley in our diet via salads similar to tabbouleh, (a very popular middle eastern salad) pesto, or even my personal favorite, dehydrated parsley snacks. I absolutely love incorporating parsley when I make dehydrated cheesy vegan vegetable snacks.  It's a wonderful way to eat a healthy snack that is satisfying devoid of all the sugar that so many snacks come with nowadays.

Caution: Parsley, if consumed in high amounts, (2 cups or so per day) can cause problems for people who have kidney stones, gout, or a compromisrd gall bladder as they have naturally occurring oxalates aka oxalic acid. Most people are fine but if one is suffering from these ailments, just practice moderation with parsley or other vegetables/fruits that are high in oxalic acid.

On the flip side, a diet rich in calcium rich foods from raw dairy and other sources can help keep oxalates from being absorbed by the body.


This is a must have in any natural medicine cabinet. I encourage you to research it. Black seed oil is made of nigella sativa seeds which are extremely medicinal. I have been using black seed oil for several years and I'm quite blown away by how effective it is to bring down inflammation, even out hyperpigmentation, hydrate the skin, strengthen hair follicles and increase hair growth, cleanse the body of pesky parasites, and heal most ailments that are lung related.

If you're going to take this for intestinal parasites remember that it's important to take it for at least 40 days straight in order to kill the eggs, teenagers & adults. Start off slow with everything. One can begin by having a small tsp daily. After a week, you can build up to 2 tsp, 2 times/day. Listen to your body and see how that goes. Then after 2 weeks, you can go up to 1 tbs which is optional.. 1-2 tsp is fine daily. Give your body a break after using it for 2 months.

Caution: Breastfeeding & pregnant women, and anyone with diabetes, bleeding disorders or a medical condition who is taking medication should consult with their natural minded doctor to see if this will be for you.

Lemons have so many benefits! I always make sure to have lemons and limes available as I love making sugar-free lemonade or master cleanse drinks with them. Adding them to salads or splashing a bit in a cup of warm green tea really helps to boost the flavonoid (antioxidant) absorption from the green tea.

Additionally, adding some lemon juice to lentils will increase the iron absorption for those who are vegan! Make sure to not cook the lemon juice because it will destroy the Vitamin C content since it has a low tolerance for heat. Add your lemon juice at the end of your cooking if you want to benefit from it's antioxidants.

Caution: I strongly discourage anyone to use lemon juice or any citrus juices or oils on their skin as they make the skin more sensitive to the sun and prone to freckles, wrinkles, and aging. Photosensitivity can happen gradually over time and is quite burdensome to correct, so please be careful!

This is such a nice drink to have on a regular basis. One doesn't have to do a fast to reap the benefits that cayenne pepper and lemon have to offer.

Additionally, it's a great beverage to thin the blood naturally if you're concerned about the spike pro-tein. One can have it without any sugar added or if you'd like some honey or maple syrup.
Keep in mind that sugar is sugar, which will increase insulin and aggravate inflammatory conditions and candida in our gut. These two options are packed with enzymes and minerals so they're very different from sugar however one can consume other foods that are rich in these same nutrients in order to not consume sugar on a regular basis.

Everything has its time and place... Having a healthy gut is of the utmost importance for a strong and robust immune system and for a healthy and vibrant mind. Cutting out sugar for a time via baby steps may not be so fun in the beginning but it will be worth it in the end.

CAUTION: It's not recommend to consume cayenne pepper if taking blood thinning medications such as: warfin, aspirin, naproxen, or ibuprofen. Please consult your alternative doctor or Natropath if this detox drink is okay for you. If not, lemon water on its own has wonderful detoxifying properties and adding fresh mint aids digestion and enhances cognitive function.Fill a quart size mason jar with filtered water, squeeze a whole lemon, and add a pinch or two of cayenne pepper. (Do this to taste. Every person's taste buds vary so make it in a way that you will enjoy.) Enjoy!

Fulvic acid and humic acids naturally each have their own unique properties and they can be consumed separately but one will be able to reap all of these benefits when consumed together!

Symptoms of SIBO, inflammatory bowel disorders, flu, various kinds of bacterial infections can all be mitigated with their help. In turn, they also offer neuroprotective benefits.
(Health tip: anything that benefits our gut health will also benefit our brain/mental health and vice versa!)

FA/HA Allows beneficial bacteria to flourish and boost our immune system! Additionally, these two help increase the absorption of our nutrients.

They both bind to heavy metals that are in our environment, food, water, medication, and beauty/household products.

Their known to treats wounds, irritatants, eczema, dermatitis, etc. --Makes for a wonderful face/body mask as it will absorb impurities and leave the skin healthy and glowing. (Sacred Clay does the same thing too!)

Helps bring LOADS of relief from the s..p. #6 when consumed and even applied topically.

Pregnant women or breastfeeding women should not consume fulvic acid nor anyone who has an autoimmune disorder unless their under supervision by a trained Natropathic Doctor or Alternative Health Doctor who's trained in holistic medicine.


It's so important to include these foods & supplements in our diet regularly. If we are consistent in consuming them then we will notice wonderful differences in our energy levels, cognitive function, skin, hair, nails, and emotions.

We WILL feel more vibrant and alive..! Detoxifying the body of heavy metals is paramount to healing from different ailments but especially if we want to thrive.

Heavy metals are everywhere unfortunately as you've seen from my other post about aluminum. It's quite sad how companies have allowed these ingredients in our beauty & household products, environment, and food!

Zero amounts should be permitted by the FDA. They are a challenge to detox from and cause a lot of harm to the detox pathways of the body.

Awareness is key! I hope we all can say no to heavy metals. Our future selves will thank us. 

5 Easy & affordable steps to make sure we're helping our digestive and lymphatic systems flow optimally!

It's so important that were feeding ourselves watery rich, organic foods found in salads to add fiber, nutrients, and hydration to our bodies.

Additionally, removing lymphatic waste and fecal matter built up in our colon will help trim down our waists, improve cellulite, digestive health, sleep quality, and inflammation. All of this will strengthen our immune system and give us boundless energy!

You can do this! Try incorporating one of these steps every week and watch your body and brain health change for the better.

The Salk Institute recently published a study confirming that Qo-vid19 is a vascular disease. Additional confirmation comes from the multitude of unjabbed people all over the world who have been suffering from blood clots, bruising, nose bleeds, heart attacks, strokes, and abnormally heavy menstrual cycles and blood clots for women in their childbearing years and menopausal years due to the exposure of the spike protein from jabbed individuals.

Increasing our Vitamin C intake can & will strengthen the integrity of all of blood vessels to prevent the damage caused by the spike protein that can create blood clots. My favorite supplement is the one I can absorb the easiest. This is why the liposomal technology for vitamin C is so amazing! The company literally states that we will absorb practically 100% of their 1,000 mg product. It is rare to absorb the full dosage amount for any supplement as there are many factors that can inhibit their full absorption.

Our bodies don't produce vitamin C so it's very important that we eat vitamin C rich foods and consume supplements to supply adequate amounts for the vascular system, lymphatic system, and integumentary system of our body. We need extra vitamin C when we experience any kind of stress including emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual stress. (Life in 2020 +)


Our bodies don't produce vitamin C so it's very important to consume generous amounts of it throughout the day in order to combat the different stressors of the day. Getting into the habit of taking around 3,000 mg a day will not only strengthen and support the integrity of our skin so we age gracefully but also the skin of evey organ, gland, capillary, blood vessel, etc.

This very important vitamin not only supports and strengthens our bodies connective tissue but it also detoxifies it of nasty free radicals from environmental toxins including heavy metals!
Doing a vitamin C detox is an amazing way to cleanse one's system of toxic debris that is weighing it down from head to toe.

Vitamin C is a water soluble vitamin which means that our bodies flush it out easily and it doesn't get lodged in our fat cells like vitamin D3. There is no upper tolerance limit for vitamin C. If we take too much vitamin C via capsules, tablets, or powders, our stomach will experience digestive distress like diarrhea which means we would just have to take a little less or space it out a bit more due to the delivery system. On the contrary, if we would like to treat and mitigate certain ailments with high doses of vitamin C and at the same time bypass digestive distress, the only two options would be intravenous vitamin C or liposomal vitamin C.

My favorite vitamin C as you all know is liposomal vitamin C by @livonlabs because it's highly absorbable and super duper effective! I really encourage you all to give it a try. 

Fat is our friend....There are two types of fat. Plant fat and animal fat. Plant and nut fats are called sterols and animal fats are called cholesterol. Can you guess which one our bodies actually needs? 

Our brains are made of cholesterol and not sterols so our bodies need cholesterol in order to feed our brains, detox certain types of toxins, ( toxins are drawn to fat) and also absorb key nutrients better.

If you're looking to have a more nutrient dense diet that will establish a resilient body to diseases and infections, consider consuming raw animal fats especially when taking your vitamins.

It's especially note worthy to know that the most common blood type in the world is O and O blood types thrive on similar diets to the Paleo diet and Keto diet. As long as the meat is grass finished or 100% organic, humanely raised and killed, one can really reap major health benefits from their consumption since their nutrients are way more bioavailable than plants/nuts/fruit and are more nutrient dense as well.

Source your meats and produce from local farmers. They will have primo quality meats, dairy, and produce that you won't find available at the super markets. Eating wholesome nutrient dense foods like our ancestors did will ensure that we're building a strong constitution for ourselves and our families and supporting our local communities at the same time.

NAC, N-Acetyl cysteine, is one of the best supplements on the market today to boost one's immune system because it helps the body produce glutathione naturally. Glutathione is one of the body's most potent antioxidants.

Check out my immune system highlights to learn more.

If you're as unhappy about this obviously very poor decision from the FDA as I am, join me in calling them to complain alongside their parent company, US Department of Health and Human Services. This is just one very important supplement in a massive list of herbs, supplements, and foods they are currently reviewing to ban.

Let's flex our disdain for even considering to ban these health-giving foods, herbs, and supplements. We need to stand up for our freedoms and access to natural healing. Please call them to complain and spread the word to all your friends & family!

Have you ever heard of oil pulling? It's been around for 3000 years as part of Ayurvedic medicine.

We have a lot of bad bacteria in our mouth that causes or contributes to some of the health problems many of us face today. Oral care is so important for us to have strong and robust immune systems. 

Swishing 1 tablespoon of either sesame oil, coconut oil, olive oil, or even sunflower oil (raw & organic is a must) for 20 minutes in our mouth every day can really help improve our overall health while whitening our teeth at the same time.

It's very important that we are constantly swishing the oil and not letting it sit in our mouths as we can reabsorb the toxins it's collecting. We can start at 5-10 mintues and work our way to 20 minutes. Once we're done swishing, spit out the oil in the trash can, as the oil can clog our bathroom drains if we spit it in the sink or toilet.

Rinse your mouth with warm water and brush your teeth well. Don't forget that our tongues need some good scrubbing too! Personally, I love using a tongue scraper Its truly a game changer! This detox can be done 3-4 times a week. It's an easy, safe, and affordable way to boost our immune system, have more energy, and be healthier! Let me know if you give it a try. 

Some great things to consider is that we need to come in contact with the earth's microbes in order to build up our immune system. These microbes from the soil help build biodiversity in our own microbiome which will help us become more resilient.

If one is masking for long periods of time, please consider doing some daily breathing exercises. Breathing in carbon dioxide over oxygen for even just a short while can really lower a person's immune system as we're depriving ourselves of oxygenating every cell in our body. Depriving our brains of oxygen can really put a damper in our overall mental and physical health. Square breathing is a wonderful exercise that will not only relax us if we're stressed, but also bring in more oxygen into our brains and bodies. 

Avoid using hand sanitizer and use a gentle non-antibacterial soap to wash our hands instead. Anti-bacterial soaps are more than just harsh on the ph of our skin, they have ingredients in them that literally will weaken our immune system since we have healthy bacteria living on our skin. (We have 10 times more bacterial cells human cells!) They also contain carcinogenic chemicals that cause cancer. 

Additionally, if we touch our mouths with sanitized hands, we're ingesting small doses of that anti-bacterial sanitizer that will KILL the good bacteria in our gut. This is NO BUENO and over time can be dangerous since we need plenty of CFU (colony forming units) to keep our immune systems robust and strong. 


This is such a great post that I had to share with you all. We may be deficient in some of these key vitamins if we're experiencing issues in these areas of our health.

The breakdown and absorption of the nutrients in our food start in our gut. There are far too many of us that have GI issues that interfere with our body's ability to absorb these key nutrients which eventually manifest themselves in the ways listed.

Supplementing with a good probiotic and prebiotic will help ones body absorb more nutrients from our food and supplements.

Also, making sure one has enough HCL will ensure that your stomach is breaking down the food properly too!

Supplementing with probiotics that has a variety of different strains is very important in order to have a healthy gut and immune system!

Brenda Watson, founder of Renew Life and Vital Planet, says that probiotics function like a multivitamin for the gut. Probiotic rich foods are very important to include in our diet but there is a significant difference between them and probiotic supplements. The colony forming units found in supplements are way higher than those found in probiotic rich foods. They typically range in the billions whereas yogurt, for instance, has a few million colony forming units. Adding probiotics with a variety of strains of a specific CFU count can help those suffering from any sort of autoimmune disorder, mental disorder (including anxiety), weight gain or loss, acne, GI tract disease, etc greatly!

Fun fact: Adding prebiotic fiber to our diet will feed the probiotics and it's ability to dastically enhance our health. It's a true game changer! Again, the foods are a priority but the prebiotic supplement is a concentrated amount that's necessary to make a big impact in the beginning when one is trying to overcome certain health conditions and boost their immune system.

Changing our gut health WILL improve our immune system and probiotics are key to make this a reality! Small, good changes is all it takes to create a healthy gut microbiome where our bodies & minds can thrive and not fight to try & stay alive.

What is a cheap, effective, simple, and safe home remedy that can boost our immune system, rid us of acne, make our skin glow naturally, assist in reducing our waistline, reduce the inflammation in our GI tract and detoxify us all at the same time??? I'm glad you asked...

Castor oil packs. This protocol is so effective at treating a diverse set of ailments, it will blow your mind! Unbelievably one of the most effective tools we can have in our holistic toolbox.

All we need is a hot water bottle, wool flannel sheet, organic castor oil in a glass jar, 2 old towels, a glass container for storage, and an empty stomach. (No saran wrapping please!)

I can't emphasize enough how miraculous this protocol is. There's a reason that Natropathic doctors suggest this regularly to their patients....

Glutathione is absolutely vital to our health and is a major antioxidant that the body produces to keep us healthy. Natural glutathione production is disrupted through medications, infections, poor diet, stress, and a built up of toxicity in our body.

Consuming glutathione rich foods and supplements in our diet will allow our body to increase the production of GSH in order to fight off environmental toxins and infections, keep cancerous cells from forming, reduce oxidative stress and free radicals, and prevent disease (including autoimmune disorders) and premature aging.

Sulfur rich foods like, broccoli, raw egg yolk, along with asparagus, spinach, beef liver, and whey protein are some great options to choose from to ensure we are consuming the right nutrients to support our GSH production.
NAC, Milk Thistle, and Alpha Lipoic Acid are incredible additions to support the release of GSH as well. Please research & learn about their benefits!

If you're on meds, remember to check if these supplements interfere with them just in case.

Adding antioxidant rich foods and supplements to our diet can be so beneficial for our health.

Artichokes, spinach, sweet potatoes, acai berries, turmeric, cloves, sea buckthorn oil, vitamin C, and astaxanthin are all packed with antioxidants that support a healthy immune system. (These are just a few!)

Adding antioxidant rich, nutrient dense foods help ward off free radicals that are in our food, beauty products, and environment. These free radicals add to the toxic load in our lymphatic system so properly supporting the body from within will help give the body the nutrients needed to keep it from getting sick and from aging.

If you're taking medication, it's important to make sure that none of the supplements or super foods interfere with your meds.

These foods are some of the most gut healing and restoring foods on the planet! 
Yogurt, sauerkraut, artichokes, and bone broth are so amazing for our health. The combination of these foods will add healthy probiotics to our diet, natural prebiotic fiber to feed the probiotics, and heal the lining of our gut with the healthy animal fats from the bone broth. One is sure to notice a good difference if they implement these foods on a regular basis.

A healthy gut = a healthy brain, complexion, and life!

Have any of you reaped the benefits for these amazing greens?

Adding different nutrient dense greens to our diet can have massive benefits for our overall health. Not only are these greens full of nutrients like magnesium, phosphorus, calcium, and packed with healthy vitamins, but they also help detox our bodies without the burden of sugar.

Adding mint to your cold drinks or warm teas will add it's varied benefits to our well being. My favorite is to just eat mint straight like candy. It's benefits are incredible! There are Middle Eastern cultures that have made mint a staple in their food preparation to aid in digestion and for overall health.

Having some of these raw greens on a regular basis can really have transformative benefits.

Spring is here and it's the perfect time to clean out our bodies of all the toxic build up we have bioaccumulating in our lymphatic system. (aka immune system) All of which is causing low energy, dis-ease, anxiety, inflammation, and poor health.

Everyone is trying to be healthier by socially distancing themselves and wearing protective masks but are we doing anything to actually boost our immune system? Just because someone may be immunocompromised doesn't mean they have to stay like that forever.

One can go from being immunocompromised to having a strong, robust & healthy immune system so that living in fear of a v**** is a thing of the past... But how?

I'm glad you asked. Flushing the lymphatic system of toxins through some simple steps implemented regularly can do wonders for our immune system, energy levels, skin, eyes, hair, hormones, and overall health. Its a win-win! Our bodies need our help to create the right environment through the consumption of certain foods, lifestyle habits, and supplements so that it can heal and grow stronger.... It can be done! It's being done by people all over the world.

Lemons are rich in Vitamin C, which is a major antioxidant, that keeps us looking young and boosts our immune system!  Vitamin C has a low tolerance for heat so be careful if you heat up your lemon water too much as it will destroy this very important vitamin. Drinking it at room temperature guarantees that we will be consuming all the vital phytonutrients that this fruit provides.

Staying hydrated is super important for all of us no matter if we live in warm climates or in cold climates and unfortunately a lot of us are simply not hydrated enough even if we drink tons of water. (There are reasons for this.) Consuming watery rich foods on a daily basis will help us stay hydrated along with adding lemon juice to our water. 

Ever felt constipated? Lemons help with this as it helps stimulate healthy digestion and elimination of waste to ensure a healthy peristalsis of the GI.

Lemons are known to gently help detoxify our bodies along with assisting us in staying hydrated when added to water. They assist in keeping the liver healthy and especially helps the livers of people who are regular alcohol drinkers.

Lemons contain citrate which will keep our kidneys healthy since it prevents calcium from being built up forming stones in our kidneys.


With so many options on the market that are packaged for convenience, we miss out eating real wholesome food that will do want it's designed to do which is to nourish us.

There's so much food nowadays that is packed with extra ingredients like MSG, colors, added flavors, preservatives, etc. which really adds to our body's burden if we are malnourished.

We don't need to be living in the slums of a poor country to be malnourished. If this weren't so then our grains and milks wouldn't be fortified with vitamins. Side note: it's a very important to know that the process of fortifying a food isn't devoid of fillers and the quality of the vitmains, since it's for the masses, can be quite questionable. (As seen on some YouTube videos where a children's cereal from a major company was fortified with iron that a magnet was able to pull out of the actual cereal when soaked in water.)

Focusing on eating nutrient dense foods that can easily be absorbed will be one of THE best investments we could ever make in our health and our future. Afterall, being properly nourished will only help boost our immune systems and allow us to lead more energetic and vibrant lives. 

Want to boost your immune system?  Our immune system is a.k.a. our lymphatic system. If our lymphatic system is backed up with toxins then our immune system will suffer. Practicing dry skin brushing on a weekly basis can have massive benefits for the overall health of our skin and above all our bodies. Detoxing are lymphatic system will ultimately benefit the health of our minds as everything is so beautiful connected with each other.  The toxins in the air, our water, our food, our beauty products, our household products and the environmental toxins around us bioaccumulate in our system over time.

Unfortunately not all toxins are detoxed out of our body! Some toxins are so harsh that they are lodged in our fat tissue and interfere with proper hormone production and the body's ability to thoroughly detoxifying itself. Dry skin brushing is a truly easy, safe, and affordable technique that we can practice in our homes to aid in the body's elimination of harmful toxins while boosting our immune system!  Buying a dry skin brish with natural bristles is best! One can oil up prior to skin brushing if their skin is too dry. Avoid brushing open wounds and inflamed skin. 

Whole grains are delicious for a lot of us and they get a reputation of being healthier as well.  Unfortunately, there is an important piece missing here for this statement to be entirely true....The missing piece is that we have to take the time to properly prepare whole grains by soaking and sprouting them first. If we don't have the time but have the financial means to buy from an honest company that does all the hard work for us, that's also an option too!

Just as important to consider in our whole grain goodies is wheat gluten. Even though we may either make or buy our food that was sprouted and properly prepared does not mean that it's 100% healthy for us if wheat gluten is present or other questionable ingredients. There is a good amount of people who do okay with wheat gluten however if you are on a journey to becoming healthier, it's always a good idea to cut it out of your diet for a time and see if you just feel better without it. If one is suffering from any sort of digestive distress, leaky gut, inflammation of any kind, allergies, or an autoimmune disorder then wheat gluten is usually a contributor to one's ailment. The wheat gluten of today is not what it once was before the 1960's--unfortunately! 

Yikes! Sweet foods look and taste SO good right? Unfortunately, the big majority of the sweets available to us are loaded with processed sugar not to mention a ton of different fillers, preservatives, food coloring, etc., and devoid of anything considered to be real. It's absolutely, unequivocally a fake "food." If we crave sweets regularly, it's a sign that our gut health needs some assistance.... Taking pre & probiotics regularly and eating fermented foods can help control candida overgrowth which can be one of the reasons our cravings for sweets can be out of control. If we must have something sweet....Consider consuming real honey and organic fruits over processed sugar. And if possible, limit the fruit intake to berries over the sweeter fruits available. All sugar is seen as sugar to our pancreas and liver. It's all a process though... Baby steps are key! 

Cucumbers can make healthy and hydrating snacks when prepared correctly. Dr. Steven Gundry shares at length how harmful the lectins and phytic acid in some of our food can be for our digestive systems. Peeling and de-seeding these watery and low sugar fruits can really help us stay hydrated and cool during the hot summer months. You can try adding some lemon and cucumber slices to your water to make a detoxifying and antioxidant rich beverage that your skin will love! Vitamin B1 vitamin B5, and vitamin B7 found in cucumbers also help reduce our anxiety and stress levels which is a plus! Hope you give it a try!

We don't have to give up some of the foods we love... Preparing them correctly may require more of our time however our gut health, mental health and overall well being is worth it. Don't you agree? Sometimes if we find ourselves in a place where we are suffering from any kind of autoimmune disorders, fibromyalgia, inflammation, acne, obesity, or even a mental illness, then it may be wise to withhold these foods altogether until we've been completely healed... According to Dr. Ramiel Nagel, author of the book, "Curing Tooth Decay," one can never fully rid these foods completely of phytic acid. By soaking, sprouting, and preparing each kind of food correctly we can basically eliminate a massive chunk of the phytic acid they release. Furthermore, withholding these foods for a long stretch while we are trying to heal and repair our gut and health is imperative for a speedy recovery. 

This quote by Ann Wigmore says it all...
She was a beloved American holistic health practitioner, naturopath, and raw food advocate who was a true pioneer in her field.

Leaky gut is NO fun!  A lot of people unfortunately suffer from this and don't know it. Leaky gut can lead to food sensitivities, acne, brain fog, hormonal imbalances, skin disorders such as eczema, and other inflammatory diseases throughout the body. Making lifestyle changes to reduce our stress and get more sleep while consuming gut-healing foods can tighten these junctions which will literally make all the difference in the world!!!

Bone broth is a powerhouse of nutrients! Sipped daily can increase collagen production promoting healthy hair, skin, and nails. It also reduces inflammation in the body along with mitigating joint pain. It detoxes the body along with sealing the lining of the gut which can be compromised by leaky gut syndrome. Also, when consumed at night, helps your brain release melatonin to have a more restful nights sleep!  My goodness! This is such an amazing and healing food that's perfect for the whole family...The best part is that's it's so easy and affordable to make too! 

Detoxifying ones body liberates it from the toxins that are weighing it down. These toxins not only affect your body, but the hormones being produced, our mental health, and our ability to heal and get relief from the ailments we may be suffering from. Detoxifying my body every time I have done it has radically boosted my health and well being. I can't thank God enough for each and every detox I've done. They've truly been god sent. I can't wait to share these safe and effective techniques with all of you!

Some of the amazing benefits of detoxing our body are: 
1)Weight loss
3) Raises your immune function.
4(Clearer and healthier skin.
5) Improved cognitive function & mental clarity.
6) Healthier hair, skin, and nails.
7) Improved lymphatic function.
8) Aids in ability for women to become pregnant and for men to produce healthier sperm for procreation.
9)Better Sleep.
10) Feeling a sense of calm and well being.
11) Reduces inflammation in the body.
12) Aids in healthier peristalsis for our intestines.
13) Assisting in hormonal balance.
13) Reduction in bloating.
14) Fresher and better breath.
15) Improved digestion.
16) Allergy reduction.
17) Reduction in pain.
18) Emotional well being.
19) Improved memory.
20) Healthier organs.

Other stressors that require an increase in Vitamin C are infections, burns, consuming toxic heavy METALS via any route, chronic use of certain MEDICATIONS (such as aspirin, oral contraceptives, barbiturates) living in very low or very high temperatures, SMOKING cigarettes, and the like. Vitamin C also heals damages caused by excessive STRESS, reduces anxiety, reduces oxidative stress that may trigger neuropsychological disorders, helps with heart disease, helps reduce uric acid levels in blood that causes gout, has protective qualities for our brains and memory, and the list goes on and on and on! 

Signs of Vitamin C deficiency are bleeding gums, wounds that don't heal well due to DRY, scaly skin and the body's poor ability to form scar tissue. DEPRESSION and hysteria, soft bones, loose teeth, anemia, increase of infections, bruises, nose bleeds, impaired ability to burn FAT for energy, feeling TIRED and cranky, and loss of vision (cataracts) are also signs that one may be deficient.

The foods that contain the highest amount of Vitamin C are red bell peppers followed by kiwis, oranges, and broccoli. Buying organic produce is always best because it's free of some of the most harmful pesticides on the planet.

Sometimes one can only eat so much broccoli and red bell peppers, and drink so much orange juice medicinally to combat certain diseases, conditions, or ailments.That's where supplements come in to assist us! A supplement that is free of fillers, harmful preservatives, colors, additives, and GMO's that is created by company that holds a high standard for purity and transparency alongside using third-parties to test for toxicity can offer absolutely wonderful relief and take your health goals to newfound heights. Our family favorite Vitamin C supplement is @livonlabs LYPOSOMAL Vitamin C because it's not only HIGHLY ABSORBABLE but it travels immediately into your cells. Some people say it's just as effective as I.V. Vitamin C.

Vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin which means that it is dissolved in water and not stored in our fat cells. Reaching the UL (tolerable upper intake level) for Vitamin C is marked by gastrointestinal disturbances and diarrhea serving as a marker to not consume as much in one sitting. It is very important to consume Vitamin C supplements with food preferably fat so that it doesn't cause discomfort or stomach pain. Spreading your intake throughout the day ensures that it's always in your system. 

Vitamin C is remarkably free of any side effects. Vitamin C is unquestionably the most non-toxic nutrient and supplement that is available today. 

Yes, it's true...! Our gut health dictates whether we will actually digest and absorb nutrients properly, gain or lose weight, have a smooth & clean complexion, experience moodiness/anxiety, bad food cravings, whether we'll be focused and alert, or have a steady stream of energy throughout the day....and SO MUCH MORE! A healthy gut truly does = a healthy life from head to toe! 

Choosing a supplement company that not only focuses on purity and transparency but also on developing high quality supplements that will be easily ABSORBED is key! Generally speaking, capsules are easier to absorb than tablets! Remember that our bodies don't always absorb the full milligram amount listed on the product's label due to many different factors. The level of absorption of nutrients varies from person to person.

Salads can be delicious and nutritious! Finding a watery and nutrient dense lettuce like romaine lettuce, adding carrots, peeled & de-seeded cucumbers, parsley, and a healthy source of animal protein can be topped off with a homemade ranch dressing (devoid of bad oils) can satisfy and nourish your belly.

Chewing our foods and especially our veggies well can ensure we digest all of our food preventing undigested veggies from collecting in the haustras (pockets) of our colon.

I understand that it may very very difficult to give up certain treats whether they be in the form of candy like lollipops  or in the form of cakes/brownies.  There are many reasons why we may enjoy and crave these foods. The obvious reason that we shouldn't consume these foods is because most of the commercial cakes and treats are loaded with high fructose corn syrup, preservatives, colorings, food additives, fake sweeteners, hydrogenated oils, and many other fake & harmful ingredients. Thankfully there are more natural alternatives to our favorite cakes however it's always best to consume real fruit if we're trying to satisfy a sugar craving because fruits contain vitamins, minerals, fiber, and phytonutrients that are way more beneficial than the healthier version of the candies and cakes we may love. A good question to ask ourselves is why we crave sweet things more often than is healthy for us? Personally for myself when I was a teenager, I would consume cakes and ice cream when I was feeling sad and down. I would emotionally eat which is never a good thing if you're going through a tough time in your life because sometimes those periods can go on for longer than you'd like. Unfortunately, emotionally eating can negatively affect your physical health in the process which would also negatively affect your mental health as well.. Thankfully, there is a way to change our food cravings so that we can crave those foods that are not only good for us but are also not as sweet! Sugar in whatever form increases inflammation in the body and in the brain even if it comes from natural sources like fruit and it can aggravate autoimmune and mental diseases people may be suffering from.

So many of us don't realize that we suffer from leaky gut syndrome which is causing ongoing inflammation to happen throughout our body AND brain. The health of our guts really does influence our mood, cognition and the health of our brains.

Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride MD, talks all about this in her incredible book called "Gut and Psychology Syndrome."

Take charge today and help remedy this problem to regain control of your health again. Bone broth is not only a highly absorbable nutrient dense food you can consume daily but it will help heal those loose junctions in the intestinal lining of our gut which will put out the fire of inflammation in your body.

This article shares that a Covid-19 patient had sepsis and was saved by mega doses of IV Vitamin C! Check out the article when you can.

Our family favorite Vitamin C supplement is @livonlabs LYPOSOMAL Vitamin C because it's not only HIGHLY ABSORBABLE but it travels immediately into your cells. Some people say it's just as effective as I.V. Vitamin C.

I encourage you to all give it a try! You may just become big fans yourselves. #kourtneykardashian #gwynethpaltrow and #maksimchmerkovskiy are only a few celebrities who love it too! Check out this article where Kourtney Kardashian calls it her "secret weapon for healthy living."

There are a ton of simple detoxes- we can do at home that are very affordable and SUPER effective at removing toxins from our bodies. Castor oil packs and dry skin brushing are two of some of the very best tools we can all do on a weekly basis. Detoxing BOOSTS our immune system! Let me know if you've ever tried either before.

Are you living with anxiety and fear? Are you suffering from poor memory or not sleeping well at night? Magnesium Threonate can probably help you!  I know this has been one of the most incredible supplements my family and take. It. Is. Amazing! You won't find this with magnesium supplements because it's targeting the brain. Look for it under brain supplements when you go to your local vitamin store or health food store. Make sure it has Magtein in it! Give your brain some much needed love with Magnesium Threonate. 

Some daily reminders to help us stay on track in our fast, chaotic, moving world!

Aluminum foil, pots, pans, disposable trays, are TOXIC! Help your future self, family, and loved ones now and completely throw this type of cookware out.  Don't give them away to other people, just please throw them out because they aren't safe for any living thing.
It's DIFFICULT to detox heavy metals out of our body, organs and fat cells. Sometimes it takes years to do with certain protocols, change of lifestyle, and healthy eating so reducing our exposure is priority #1! The reason is because heavy metals are neurotoxins and will interfere in the normal processing of our human brains which is basically like the computer of our body. Splashing water onto our new MacBook Pro would be super destructive to say the least. Reintroducing aluminum products into our body via deodorant, pots, pans, foil, and aluminum trays is basically like self sabotage. Heavy metals have bioaccumulative effects and will build in our bodys over time. This is why we don't notice their effects right away... But those penny are adding up! It's a slow decline..

Additionally, it can run amuck on our lymphatic system and endocrine system affecting our thyroid and hormone production....BUT also on our ability to detox properly! This is huge....Not being able to rid our bodys of toxins is just an incredibly painful and dreadful downward spiral. Sweating is a must and aluminum based deodorants for instance are called antiperspirants because they impair the function of our sweat glands from sweating aka detoxing.
Please cut all aluminum based anything (even makeup) out cold turkey from your life.. Your future self, family, and loved ones will thank you!

As natural beings we thrive when we live in harmony with nature and in conjunction with the cycles of the day and night.
When we don't consume wholesome, nutrient dense foods, purified water, get plenty of sunshine, and get fresh air outdoors, we may start to develop anxiety, restlessness, and a variety ailments.
Allowing ourselves to start new hobbies during these trying times that build up our immune system and our connection with nature will strengthen us all the more. Getting our feet on the bare earth (that's devoid of pesticides) and hands in the dirt through gardening, can really help boost our immune system, as we must be exposed to different microbes to be healthy. Afterall, we are one giant walking being of bacteria! Striving to live a more simple life can help us immensely with our immune health along with our mental health. There are always positive benefits for us and those around us when we slow down to smell the roses and live more presently, especially when the world around us may be chaotic.
Intentionally spreading love and kindness to others can truly soften even the hardest of hearts. "Kindness softens and opens up the heart, as oil opens a rusty lock." ~Saint Paisios the Athonite

Caring for smaller and humble creatures like squirrels, iguanas, birds, cats, opossums, and dogs in our neighborhood can help take the focus off of our anxieties/worries as we are focusing on loving other living beings. We have the power to do so much good and brighten the lives of anything if we try. In doing so, this will lift us up as we are all here on this earth together. 

On the earth we can find nourishment and healing in all the different vegetables, fruits, herbs, mushrooms, plants, berries, and the like that He's provided for us. God has enlightened man to know how to prepare these foods in order to be easily absorbed and utilized through various cooking & preparation methods. Following the footsteps of our ancestors who ate nutient dense foods and prepared them correctly, can open the door to a healthier way of living. We are natural beings and thrive by eating wholesome, natural, and nutient dense foods. Consuming packaged foods that are fast and convenient requires cutting a lot of corners that will eventually bite us in the butt one day. Relying on the consistent use of various drugs, medications, and injections for our salvation will shorten our lifespan in the end. We can opt for a better and healthier life that is devoid of their numerous side effects.....If we've always been reliant on drugs and don't know where to start, we can start off small. Eating one big, organic salad that's full of organic vegetables and greens can become the beginning of a new way of living, a healthier us.
It's not a race. It's a marathon...Every week, we can make a small goal to learn about one new healthy ingredient to add to our meals. We can learn about it's benefits, nutrient content, and wisest preparation methods. Learning about the benefits of a specific food will motivate us to try it out! Afterall, there seems to be no cure for so many ailments using allopathic medicine. However, there are COUNTLESS stories of cures and reversal of various diseases using God's wholesome food and changing our lifestyle around.

This is my favorite soap hands down! The @themadoptimist allows you to custom make your own soaps! You literally can pick out all the ingredients and make it however you want. Not only can you choose what ingredients go into them, what your soap will be named, but also pick how much you want to spend for that top tier soap that's packed with goodness, as they use a sliding scale for payment. They want everyone to have access to the best ingredients no matter what they're financial situation is....How beautiful is that?! They use vegan, cruelty free, non GMO, organic, gluten free, and halal ingredients in their products. The company also customizes body sprays, lip balms, and bath soaks too! Here are the two recipes I made last year and absolutely love! As you can see these two soaps are full of fatty and detoxifying ingredients that leave my skin feeling super hydrated and cleansed. (Unscented mango butter, shea butter, coconut milk powder, coco butter, bentonite clay, and activated charcoal.) My skin literally doesn't feel like it needs oil or lotion after bathing with these two recipes.
What's so great as well is that one bar lasts for months. I cut each bar into 2 pieces and use one piece at a time. The company is so kind and usually includes a free gift! They gave me a free lavender lip balm. 

Thousands of unjabbed men, women, and children are being affected by the spike protein that unfortunately seems to be transmitting from people who have received the well known wide spread injection. It's sadly causing a divide but thank God there's hope.... Pine needle tea is a said to combat the spike protein. It contains a compound called suramin which experts like Dr. Judy Mikovits and Dr. Christiane Northrope, say is an antidote to the spike protein contagion. A contagion that is causing:
-Blood clots that even causes bruising throughout the body.
-Abnormally heavy menstruation in women who are of child bearing ages and menopausal,
-Massive headaches/migraines
-Skin rashes
Sterility in both men and women
-Reduction of breast milk
-Nose bleeds
Check out my linktree to read the article about what varieties of pine needle tea are safe and recommended to drink. There are 20 known toxic varieties so it's important to buy the right kind. One should also look for pine needles that are not sprayed with pesticides or harmful chemicals. Other well known benefits of this antioxidant rich tea includes boosting the immune system, improving vision, preventing respiratory infections, increasing cognitive function, strengthening heart health, and accelerated healing. Also, it's *anti-parasitic * 

Every weekend we have the opportunity to say "no" to stress and "yes" to rest. Our Monday through Friday can be so busy at times with work, meetings, meal prepping, exercise, taking the kids to school, after school activities, and more. A busy week makes rest and relaxation that much more important.

If we don't take the time to rejuvenate our body, mind, and soul then we'll surely be depleted, lowering our immune system in the process, and not being well enough to serve God & those around us in the way we'd like.

If we work weekends and have our off days during the week, then it's important that we are strategic in planning our down time.

We may not be able to make an automatic switch in all these areas but we can plan to slowly move in that direction, one weekend at a time. With God's help, one day we will have made healthier transitions in all these areas. 

Every moment of evey day, we have a choice...

A choice to love or a choice to hate. 

A choice to be a part of the solution or be a part of the problem.

A choice to get closer to our goals or to move further away from them.

The choice is ours. It's okay to fall down but let's always remember to choose to get back up. Let's love each other & help each other make this world a better place. 

An attitude of gratitude will help us get through the high's and low's of life. It keeps us humble and brings peace to all our relationships including our relationship with God. 


A grateful heart pushes away complacency and helps us not take others or the gifts bestowed upon us for granted.

It allows us to see the abundant blessings given to us by God and reminds us of how deeply & infinitely we are loved by Him.

Additionally, according to neuroscience, gratitude literally rewires our brains to be happier and healthier! 

With all that said... THANK YOU to everyone reading this for all your amazing support on here. You're ALL so wonderful and I appreciate you! 

Square Breathing or boxed breathing is a wonderful way to get out of being in a state of fight-or-flight and allow our body's parasympathetic nervous system to become stimulated instead. (Rest and digest)


How to do this?
1) Slowly inhale for 4 real* seconds with your nose. (Try and fill your lungs with as much oxygen as you can comfortably inhale.)
2) Hold your breath for 4 real* seconds.
3) Slowly exhale through your mouth for 4 real* seconds (Empty out your lungs as comfortably as possible.)
4) Inhale again for 4 real* seconds again like in step 1.
(**Real seconds as opposed to half seconds. Many of us forget how long 1 second actually is. It makes a difference if you're able to breathe in/out for 4 real seconds as opposed to 4 half seconds but do your best and build up slowly to 1 real second if you're not able to just yet.)


Doing 4 rounds of this can really help reset one's mind and increase oxygen uptake to allow the brain to think more clearly. Unfortunately, most of us don't breathe in as much oxygen as we should due to our poor posture and incessant worrying.
Practicing this daily will give our brains and body the much needed oxygen it needs to help keep us healthy and in a relaxed state. (Especially if one's wearing a mask for prolonged periods!)

 I recommend doing this at least 3 times during an eight hour shift of mask wearing-- if not more!

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