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Meet Catherine LMT, CT 

Your Natural Health, Nutrition, and Detox Specialist.

     At the age of sixteen, Catherine Bianca had a lot of turmoil in her life that led her to be depressed and full of insecurities, so much that she found comfort in food which contributed to break out prone skin and unwanted weight gain perpetuating her depression. Thankfully her mother knew a lot about natural living and introduced her to some health books that became the beginning of a life long journey and passion for clean living, organic foods, balanced nutrition, and detox of the body.  Making small incremental dietary and lifestyle changes increased her energy levels, gave her newfound mental clarity and focus,  healed the congested complexion and skin that had once made her feel so insecure, allowed her to lose unhealthy extra pounds, rid her of her depression, and empowered her with the tools to heal from the inside out naturally.

     Over the years, she became fascinated with the gut-mind connection and was so amazed at how effective and transformational detoxifying the body was via certain protocols she was using. Thus, after thirteen years of helping her patients and clients get the pain relief they needed through the medium of massage therapy, she felt compelled to study colon hydrotherapy to further aid her patients and clients in their struggle for a healthier gut, smaller waistline, stronger immune system, healthier skin, and the mental clarity they were seeking.  

    Then, in 2015 she met someone that would change the way she would see nutrition and detox forever. This person was a highly sought out apprentice of Aajonus Vonderplanitz that mentored her for close to two years. (He will remain anonymous as he is a very private and humble person.) She learned the power of nutrients in their whole, unaltered state and their incredible effects on the human body.  This knowledge has benefited her health in countless ways, along with her family, and those who've sought out her guidance for their health. 


Several years later after studying nutrition for over twenty years, attending countless health lectures, witnessing a manifold of people confused in what diet they should follow, and seeing a decline in mental health, Catherine Bianca enrolled in Florida International University to become a Registered Dietician to further her education in nutrition and it's impact on mental health. She craves to serve her community to eat wholesome, nutrient dense foods that would not only properly nourish and detoxify them, but strengthen and heal the integrity of their gastrointestinal tract in order for them to thrive mentally and physically so they could live long, healthy lives for themselves and their families. 

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