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Black Oxygen Organics, a.ka. BOO

Fulvic and Humic Acid


Detoxes and Remineralizes

We have SO much toxic debris in our body that no wonder so many people are ill.  Fulvic and humid acid detoxes the body of heavy metals, parasites, pesticides, a variety of different toxins, and strange unidentifiable fibers and sludge. Not only do people have a burden of toxicity at the cellular level but our food is mineral deficient which leads to malnourishment and vulnerability to developing various kinds of diseases of the body and mind. 

This is why a nutrient dense well balanced diet and detoxifying the body is extremely important. 

Due to the issue with the Covid-19 injection shedding, I personally needed to find something that gave me relief and heard that this particular powder was helping people across the world suffering from the same issues. I couldn't believe how effective FA/HA was at resolving this issue for me. However, I was beyond surprised at the incredible benefits I experienced and still do from using this product daily as it exceeded all expectations! I never knew how deficient I was in minerals until I started adding them to my diet with this powder. Additionally, I never realized there could be so many strange things come out of my feet when doing the foot soak.

My nails have never looked SO healthy, bright, strong, shiny, and oxygenated! ( Our nails tell us a lot about our health!) Aside that I noticed my hair began to grow more, and I was not fatigued or achy during my menstrual cycle. Rather, I had plenty of energy as if I wasn't menstruating at all. Additionally, my feet and legs feel so light after my foot soaks and not run-down and tired. You literally feel like you're walking on air when you're done soaking your feet! One would never think how many strange things are in their body until they start coming out. These things do NOT belong in our bodies... You'll know what I mean when you try it out for yourselves.


Detoxing brings peace and calm to the body because toxins and heavy metals wreak havoc. When the body feels good it translates to the mind and one's mind will feel more focused and calm.

I don't think I've ever loved a product so much in my life to be honest. I absolutely LOVE LivOn Labs's Lyposomal Vitamin C because of how effective and absorbable it is however BOO cleans us out of heavy metals, parasites, and unidentifiable fibers along with:


  • It increases oxygen up to 45%!

  • It bonds the nutrients. It carries 60 times it's weight in nutrients and brings it into our cells. 

  • It bonds itself to toxins. It also carries 60 times its weight in toxins and brings them out of our cells.

  • It functions as a prebiotic and probiotic.

  • It helps with absorption and utilization of vitamins. 

  • One of the most powerful and natural electrolytes known.

  • It assist with enzyme production.

  • It lowers inflammation in the body.

  • It has neuroprotective benefits and improves brain function, memory, and mood.

  • Supports a healthy circulation.

  • Creates an alkaline environment which doesn't allow disease to manifest itself.

  • It treats various skin conditions like eczema, dermatitis, wounds, rashes, acne, and more!

  • It allows beneficial bacteria to flourish and boosts the immune system.

  • It mitigates symptoms of SIBO, inflammatory bowel disorders, bacterial infections, and flu like symptoms . 

  • Balances hormones.

  • Boosts metabolism

  • It powerfully fights free radial damage and oxidative stress. One molecule of fulvic acid can donate 14 tera-trillion electrons! Talk about an antioxidant! (14, 000,000,000,000,000,000,000 )

  • This Fa/Ha comes from an uncontaminated peet bog in Ottawa, Canada which allows the body to easily absorb it's nutrients versus other Fa/Ha products that come from fossilized matter. ( Rock)

Caution: It's advised that pregnant and breastfeeding women avoid Fa/Ha since it's so detoxifying to the body. Any form of detox is very risky when pregnant or breastfeeding baby.  

Additionally: If one has an autoimmune condition, it's also advised that they seek the supervision of their natural alternative minded doctor for guidance when using Fa/Ha as it may cause flare ups if certain factors aren't considered. 

Want to know where you can get it?! 

Check out the link here to learn more!

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