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Vitamin C is a Superhero!

Updated: Jun 1, 2021

What is Vitamin C?

Vitamin C is categorized as a water soluble vitamin which means it gets dissolved in water and is carried to the body's tissues but does not stay there like fat soluble vitamins do. Consuming vitamin C rich foods and supplements throughout the day is very important to ensure that we are always supplying our bodies with adequate amounts of this incredible antioxidant to keep the body’s cellular tissues healthy along with boosting our immune system, keeping us from acquiring diseases and infections.

Dr. Linus Pauling, Ph.D. won the Nobel Prize in chemistry in 1954 and then again the Nobel Prize in Peace in 1962 for helping to educate the world on the varied benefits of of vitamin C. Albert Szent-Gyorgyi, M.D., Ph.D. also won the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1937 for the discovery of vitamin C. Because of their work, we have been able to learn of some of the extraordinary benefits of this incredible powerful vitamin.


There are specific signs of vitamin C deficiency that may be difficult to recognize early on because they involve the integrity of our blood vessels. Bleeding gums and visablly broken capillaries are two of the most common signs of vitamin C deficiency. More serious symptoms can start to manifest themselves after a month’s time in a diet that is lacking adequate amounts such as:


2. Hemorrhaging

3. Degeneration of muscles (incl. heart muscle)

4. Bone disorders: softened bones, bone fractures, malformed bones

5. Depression

6. Hysteria

7. Sudden death linked to internal bleeding

8. Loose teeth

9. Weakened cartilages

10. Rough, scaly skin

11. Inability for open wounds to heal properly

12. Scar tissues stop forming

13. Anemia

These are all reasons why having sufficient amounts of this vitamin throughout our day is truly monumental if we want to avoid these terrible disorders and live a long and healthy life.

Foods Packed in Vitamin C

Some vitamin C rich foods that are delicious and can be prepared in tons of different ways are:

1.Red peppers (#1 vitamin C source)


3.Brussel Sprouts




7. Spinach

8. Winter squash

9. Lemons

10. Cauliflower

11. Sweet potatoes

12.Thyme herb (3x’s more than oranges!)

13. Parsely

14. Rosemary

15. Dill

16. Cloves

…just to name a few! ( A lot of herbs and spices contain generous amounts of vitamin C)

It’s VERY important to note that vitamin C is very sensitive to heat so if you plan on cooking with vitamin C rich spices, you may want to add them at the end of your cooking in order to preserve all their nutrients. This applies to overcooking vitamin C rich vegetables and squeezing lemons in warm water for an antioxidant evening beverage. I have personally been snacking on red peppers as if it were an apple for close to 10 years because it makes such a great and healthy snack. Adding some almond butter to it adds some fat and protein, giving me more satiety than an apple would any day. Plus, red peppers have such low amounts of sugar compared to apples that one can enjoy this vegetable several times a day and not have to worry about any insulin spikes or worsening any inflammatory conditions that high sugary foods love to aggravate.


So why is vitamin C is a superhero anyway? This vitamin is responsible for maintaining healthy and youthful tissues from the inside out. That includes: the surface of our skin, cartilage, ligaments, tendons, gums, lining of every arterial wall, capillary & vein, lining of every organ, and so forth. (That’s huge!) It also is responsible for making the cells that create healthy bone formation and regulating bone building minerals such as calcium. Additionally, Vitamin C helps in the absorption of iron, which is very important in preventing blood disorders including anemia alongside maintaining healthy teeth and gums. Not to mention, keeping us from acquiring any of the disorders mentioned above. Yikes!

Looking to age with grace? Vitamin C helps our bodies produce collagen and regular generous amounts of this vitamin consumed daily can help prevent fine lines and wrinkles along with having that plump youthful complexion women and men crave to maintain throughout their lives. But wait there's more... Are you desiring to strengthen your immune system? Vitamin C can help! There is a vast amount of scientific literature and testimonials proving its efficacy on different conditions and diseases such as:

1.Common cold





5.Streptococcal infections


7.Typhoid fever,




11.Amebic dysentery,

12.Rocky mountain fever,

13.Staphylococcal infections,

14.Trypanosomal infections,




18.Miscellaneous toxins

19.Mushroom poisoning

20.Carbon monoxide



23.Strychnine and tetanus toxin

24.Pseudomonas infections


…and more!

These are just some reasons why you may want to include the consumption of vitamin C rich foods in your daily diet along with generous amounts of vitamin C supplements as the ability to break down and absorb the nutrients in our foods for most people have been hindered due to a poor gut microbiome.

The Dose Makes The Poison

How much vitamin C is too much? Thankfully for us, consuming high levels of vitamin C is not toxic to the body. If we consume to high of a dose then it will cause digestive distress such as diarrhea or leaky stool. This is the body's way of letting us know that we've surpassed our limit of vitamin C in for one sitting. According to the National Institute of Health (NIH), the average intakes of vitamin C are 90 mg/day for adult males and 75mg/day for adult females, meeting the currently established RDA. According to many experts on the subject, these recommendations are very low. The reason being one is recommended to consume more vitamin C than the general recommendation if one is experiencing:

1. Higher or lower temperatures than average.

2. Stress (of any form including: mental, emotional (worry), or physical

3. Intense exercise

4. Inflammation.

5. Recovering from any sort of injury.

6. Wound and scar tissue repair.

7. Recovering from surgery.

8. Lack of Sleep.

9. Various kinds of disease including heart disease, autoimmune disorders, etc.

10. Heavy metal poisoning or environmental toxicity.

11. Anti-aging.

12. Boosting one's immunes system.

13. Mental disorders.

...I think you get the idea. IF we are eating a plentiful array of organically grown foods grown in mineral rich soil along with consumption of grass-fed meats, wild fish, free-range chicken, raw dairy, and pasture raised eggs, etc. then perhaps the RDA of vitamin C that the NIH suggests could be enough. Unfortunately, living in the toxic world that we do where almost everyone we know suffers from one ailment or another then logically it would not suffice.

Vitamin C supplements in our daily diet can prove themselves to be very beneficial for preventative measures and for remedying what we may be suffering from altogether. Vitamin C comes in varies forms such as tablets, capsules, powders, lyposomal gels, or intravenous injections, known as IV therapy. One should always consume vitamin C with food and throughout the day. The reason for this is because it is a water soluble vitamin and will be flushed out of our system within several hours. If you consume 1,000mg twice a day but find that when you raised your dose to 1,500mg twice a day, you got diarrhea, then back down again to 1,000 mg. Your stomach may only tolerate 1,000mg of vitamin C in one sitting. You can try having 1,000mg three times a day if you'd like. Listen to your body and see how it goes.

My absolute favorite kind of vitamin is the one that I can easily absorb and utilize therefore since I don't like needles, the winner is lyposomal vitamin C! 🏆 Livon Labs makes a truly incredible vitamin C that has blown many minds including my own with its' efficacy. I even recommended it to friends of mine who had COVID-19 and the results they experienced were especially noteworthy. The company states that we will absorb almost 100% of the product which makes it stand apart from other forms of vitamin C. This specific one is made of sodium ascorbate which is a less acidic form of vitamin C that is more stomach friendly for most people. It also contains phospholipids made from Non GMO soy lecithin, purified water, citric acid, and alcohol as a preservative. Some people may see the word soy (like myself) and flat out say "No" to any products associated with soy because of it's bad reputation BUT I urge you to reconsider trying out this product. I have tried other lyposomal products on the market that replace soy with organic sunflower lecithin and are made without alcohol (used as a preservative) only to find that the results were completely inferior to the Livon Labs vitamin C. I've even made my own lyposomal vitamin C in the past and again, with no big results.

One of the MOST amazing aspects of lyposomal vitamin C is that you can consume much higher doses at once than other forms of vitamin C due to the vitamin C being buffered by the fat of the soy phospholipids. That means it can treat a wider range of ailments and accelerate wound healing of various kinds. Personally, I've known people including myself, who have taken 6,000 to 9,000 mg and feel totally fine without any digestive distress whatsoever. I'd also like to add that I, in no way, get any compensation for recommending this product. My family and I are just real big fans! It's even recieved praise from celebrities like Gywneth Paltrow and Maksim Aleksandrovich. Kourtney Kardashian calls it her "secret weapon'!

Give It A Try!

A lot of doctors that are not shunned by social media or government health institutions will usually advocate for remedies that are not simple or inexpensive for serious conditions. It's sad to say this but if there is no money in it, then the majority medical opinion won't support it or recommend it to their patients. It's important to note that doctors have 40 hours or less education in nutrition and half a day's education in vaccines. They are no where near experts on the subject so if you are going to ask the recommendation of your doctor, please make sure to ask a doctor that is properly educated on the subject so that you can receive the proper guidance you are seeking. I always recommend asking a N.P., D.O. or an M.D. who has been trained in alternative health and nutrition. Please look for a doctor who has a certificate or degree in nutrition. Doctors who think outside of their medical training and take the time to learn more about lifestyle, nutrition, and exercise have been able to help patients who've lost all hope experience newfound health and wellness in their lives.

I really hope you can do a little digging and read some of the testimonials from doctors like Dr. Thomas E. Levy, Dr. Joseph Mercola, Dr. Emmanuel Cheraskin, Professor Sydney J. Bush, Steve Hickey P.H.D., along with the wonderful works of Linus Pauling in the National Library of Medicine and give it a try! Let me know what you think... I really believe you'll think vitamin C is a superhero too! ❤️

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02. Juni 2021

Vitamin C is a miracle worker. If more people were aware of this fact, they would use it for everything.

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