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       Since I was a young girl, my mother instilled in me the importance to share what I have with others. She led by example with how generous she gave of her time, resources, and heart with all those around her. Sometimes, even if we don't have the time, resources, or finances to share with others, she showed that we could always give a compliment to make someone's day. I know what it feels like to be on the receiving end of a compliment when you're feeling down, or of someone's generous help in a time of great need. I don't take those acts of kindness for granted and thank God for all the beautiful people he has put in my life and continues to put in my life who have graciously helped me in one form or another. Unfortunately, not everyone we know is in a place in their heart, mind, or soul to lend us a hand in the ways we may need them to. Thankfully for us, God is always there with the biggest and most generous heart and love for us that is truly unimaginable. He faithfully brings to us the right people at the right time. His resources are unlimited and "all things are possible with Him."  (Mattthew 19:26)

     If you find yourself in a place where you're struggling with something, take heart and know that you are deeply and infinitely loved by Him and He is able to remove your burdens and grant you His sweetest peace, comfort, and grace. Being loved by God doesn't mean that we won't go through life without struggles but it does mean that He will always, always, always be there to help us get through it. When He does heal us, enlighten us, and bless us in all the areas of our life that we're struggling with, then we can turn around and give back to others to continue His sacrificial love towards everyone and everything we encounter.

     Please take a look at the the charities on this page that are close to my heart. ❤️ Your generous donation of even $1 will make a huge difference. Sharing these links on your social media accounts along with your group of family and friends will ensure that speedy aid comes their way! May God truly bless you for your financial donations and time in helping those involved in these charities along with your intentions to share with others. 

Love & Hugs, 

Catherine Bianca



Fundraiser for my dear friend Janet.

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