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Have you heard about transmission or shedding before?

The world has been upside down because of the "pandemic" since 2020 and in December of 2020, a new type of "vaccine" was unleashed into our world using mRNA technology. The important thing to know is that just because something is called a vaccine doesn't mean that it actually is a vaccine. This injection uses mRNA technology and nano medicine, both which have never, ever, ever been used before in vaccines. ( At least they openly haven't been used before.)

Receiving the injection is truly like rolling the dice since there hasn't been enough studies to see if this injection could be dangerous long-term. Any cocktail that has a multitude of chemicals in it and is then injected inside of a person is NOT safe. The reason is because it bypasses all of the body's natural detoxification pathways and it goes straight into the bloodstream. When something goes into the bloodstream, then it can be recirculated throughout the whole body including the brain, heart, liver, digestive system, and all the organs. 

Awareness is Key

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